They had to be kidding. They had to be freaking kidding. THERAPY?!

Lexi sat in the backseat of the Headmistress' 2011 black Audi A7. The golden haired and golden eyed woman drove smoothly into a long driveway. Taylor, in his milk and white chocolate glory, sat beside his annoyed girlfriend, stroking her small hand with his thumb. Usually the action soothed her, but today Lexi just found it aggravating.

"Demetri thinks this is for the best, and I agree with him," Taylor said quietly, not needing to speak loudly in the near silent car.

"Demetri is pissed off at me anyway so his opinion doesn't really count," Lexi grumbled. The man she considered her brother was so angry at her. But it wasn't her fault! Why couldn't he just see that she didn't know until it was too late, as usual?

"Whether you wish to go or not, you must. We all feel that this will help you," Joan, the Headmistress, said. She was polite and formal as always. She flicked her golden hair behind her, something she did often.

"I don't need help! I need-"

"There's no need to yell, babe."

"I will do what I damn well please, Taylor. I'm so done with being treated like a petulant child!" Lexi's voice kept rising, right along with her anger. She had always hated being treated like a child ever since he died....

"We're here," Joan announced. Her gold eyes reflected in the rear view mirror. They gazed at Lexi with a pleading intensity to do this. She really felt like her student needed this. It wouldn't solve her problems but maybe, just maybe, Lexi could finally find a little peace.

Lexi sighed. Taylor's grip on her hand tightened a moment before releasing it. She looked into his chocolate brown eyes and saw the need there. He wanted to kiss her so desperately, but his manners from decades ago taught him that such a thing was not proper in front of an adult. A very old one at that, even though Joan looked only to be about twenty.

"I'll see you later," she told him.

"Lexi, please try and make this work okay?" His voice showed the worry that this wouldn't turn out the way everyone hoped.

She simply nodded and exited the car, not looking at it as it purred behind her then sped away. Lexi had a feeling today would be a very long day.


The doorknob turned slowly, opening to reveal a well lit room with a circle of chairs in the center. Three of them were occupied.

In one seat was a lean girl with long dark hair. Her slightly tan skin was covered mostly by a large black robe. Her piercing gold eyes reminded Lexi of the school's Mistress. The girl's skin was covered in scars and she had a terrifying grin on her face. She was toying around with what looked like a stiletto knife.

The next seat had a small girl, maybe just an inch shorter than Lexi with long, cornsilk straight pale blond hair. Her skin tone was just as pale as Lexi's and her eyes the nearly the same shade of silvery gray.

The last chair had a man that was probably a few inches shorter than the dark haired girl. He had fair skin and sandy blond hair. He looked normal until one saw his eyes; they were a clear crystal blue with green surrounding the pupil in...what was that...? A star shaped pattern? That was weird.

Lexi didn't want to be there. She could be beside her best friend, waiting her her eyes to finally open.... If they ever did. Sighing, she took out her iPod and stuck the headphones into her ears, blaring some random Deathcore band and she sat in the chair that separated the two girls. Before ignoring the world to become absorbed in the screamed lyrics she loved, Lexi had one thought: Fuck my life.

The End

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