“I’m not going” A 25 year old man said.

“Yes, you are. Now get in the car.” A 17 year old boy said. The boy looked like a younger version of the man he was arguing with.

“You can’t make me.” The first replied.

“Talon, get in the car now!” The younger person demanded.

Talon’s rely was flat and defiant. “No.”

“We need to get to the root of your problem. That won’t happen unless you get in the car.”

“No, I know my problem. My problem is you, Alex!”

The younger kid pulled a taser from his jacket and pointed it at the person he had created. “Sorry, Tal.” He said. “But you are going one way or another.” He pulled the trigger and the electrodes flew to the air and hit their mark on Talon’s chest. He dropped to the ground and convulsed as 50,000 volts of electricity lanced through his body, the look of shock in his eyes concealed behind a pair of sun glasses. Alex took Talon’s limp body and stuffed it into the passenger seat of the car. He got into the driver’s seat and started up the car. The therapist’s office was clear across town and the young author didn’t have much time before his creation regained consciousness. He was going to need help moving Talon into the office, so he called and left a message in advance.

Upon seeing Alex’s car pull up to the large “office” building, the therapist’s secretary opened the door and stepped out as Alex stepped out the vehicle. “Good day, sir.” She said. “I received your message. You need help getting someone to their appointment?”

“Yes, thank you.” Alex said as he moved to the other side of the car. He opened the door and Talon’s unconscious body leaned out. “I need help moving him inside. Don’t be fooled by his light build. He is really quite heavy.”

“Of course, sir.” The secretary said. She helped Alex pull Talon’s body out of the car and the two of them began the guelling task of dragging his limp form up the steps and into the building.

There was a long hallway with a single door at the end. Alex sighed. “This would have been so much easier if he would’ve just cooperated this morning.” He heard Talon stir; he would wake up soon. “C’mon, let’s get him to the room before he wakes up.” The two hurried and got to the door quickly despite the heavy load they were carrying.

Talon opened his eyes just as he was shoved into the room. The door slammed behind him and he heard the the click of a dead bolt. He looked around for a few seconds and saw a circle of chairs; two of them were already occupied. As he approached the chairs, he noticed that the other two occupants were women; one wore a black robe and had many scars. The other at looked somewhat normal, save for the pale skin. Something about both of them made him uneasy so he sat on the opposite side from them so he could make sure they didn’t do anything.

The pale skined woman opened her mouth to say something, but before a single word was uttered, Talon interrupted. “If you know what’s best for you, you will leave me alone.”

The End

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