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Like an AA meeting for characters with flaws they need to overcome.


An outlined form stood at the threshold between the therapy room and the hallway. Light spilled over her shoulders and stretched across the room's floor. Her golden eyes stared from behind long raven black locks of hair, what lay before her made a light growl bubble from her lips. Circled in the middle of the room was a set of rusty brow chairs, set out with the intention of being welcoming and only having the opposite effect. 

The girl blinked and tucked her hand into the long black robe she wore, removing a glinting stiletto dagger. While the room looked abandoned, she had a feeling that more would arrive. Others meant danger, she needed to be prepared to kill if it came to it. Silently, her feet glided over the floor and took her to a seat. The chair squeaked as she leaned back and eyed the door suspiciously. 

"Ah, you're here! I see the others have yet to arrive." The lights above clicked on and Riley spun around, her chair clattering loudly to the floor. The person that the voice belonged to held his hands up defensively. Riley pointed the dagger's sharp tip in the man's direction, she didn't trust him one bit!

"Easy," the man said slowly, putting his hands down and stepping closer. Riley stepped back, growling and narrowing her eyes. 

"Come any closer and I'll kill you!" The man gave he a polite smile, righting Riley's chair before taking a seat in his own. From his brief case, she watched as the man removed a group of folders, a notepad, and a pen. 

"Please take a seat, the others will be here soon and we don't need anyone else getting agitated." His voice cooed to her calmly. 

"What others?!" Riley demanded, backing towards her seat and slowly sitting down. She sat where she could see everyone, everything. Nothing was going to sneak up on her nothing! The man raised an eyebrow as she lowered the dagger. 

"There are others coming to this...didn't you know?" While she could tell there was a small hint of concern in his voice, Riley ignored it. Instead flicking her glance to the door. Another had arrived. 

The End

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