Xeranad Lekard

Xeranad Lekard, aka "The Raven Lord" or "The Lord of Darkness Eternal"

Age: Appears twenty, about 1700 years old (to current date)

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'9" and weighing around 147 pounds, he possesses a very thin frame for his body, but nonetheless is still an intimidating individual. Snow white hair and eyes as white as pearls, the eyeballs themselves being ebony black and his left eye being slitted. A scar run downs across his left eye from the brow to the cheek. Dresses in white armor and black leather, with a dark shadowy cloak wrapped around his shoulders. A fur mane that looks like hellfire sits around his neck. Often wears a bone white mask with red markings over his face. All in all, from a distance, the outfit makes him look like a messenger of death.

Personality: A tough one to figure out. Sometimes he seems wrapped up in his own madness, other times seems to show a lot of self loathing. A sadomasochist, he enjoys pain in all forms, but this is probably out of boredom rather than a condition he was born with. Known to slice off bits and pieces of his own body and then regenerate. He CAN be nice, but he hardly sees a reason to be most of the time.

History: Once a powerful knight in the service of a great king, he came to fear death, and so found a way to become immortal, but in doing so, he cursed himself to suffer from a dark heart while his good nature slowly faded away. He fell in love with a commoner girl, named Gwendolyn Winterhaven, and had a child, Aria. However, a jealous stepsister, Narissa, killed his wife in front of him, all while expressing her love for him. This was the turning point in his life, making everything he believed to be absolute in the world crumble before him. Driven by sadness and rage, he killed his stepsister with his own two hands but felt no satisfaction with the deed. His madness and sorrow grew as time went on, and eventually he turned on the king he served, killing him and plunging the land into chaos. Then something strange gripped his heart: desire for more destruction, more chaos. He knew these feelings were wrong, and fought against them as best he could, but eventually his heart plunged into the abyss and he became a dark and terrifying tyrant who ruled the world from the shadows. However, despite what he may have believed, his daughter did survive, and they met several hundred years later. This awoke his human heart from his despair, and a new feelings came into him then: hope and love. However, when his daughter pointed her blade at him, rejecting him as her father, he flew into a rage, and nearly killed her. He managed to stop himself, but he decided that she needed time to be alone, and so locked her in a cavern for three hundred years, where she survived, but nearly died of boredom.

Abilities: Immortal, can reconstitute from any wound he receives (save for any wound inflicted to him with silver, but even those can be dealt with given time), a dangerous swordsman and a powerful sorcerer from years of experience, sadomasochism.

Quote: "You really don't understand, do you? Good can arise from evil, evil from good. So who are you to judge whether a life is worth nothing or not? That is not the providence of man, but of God."

The End

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