Takomachi Ryo


Takomachi “The Original”, “Fangstre”, “The Underground Smith” Ryo

Age: Nearly as old as the Human race itself (on Huioje [H’wei-ohjh])

Gender: Male

Appearance: Six foot and seven inches tall. Looks to be in his mid-twenties. Black hair that covers his right eye, but comes above his eyebrows on his left side. Face is long and square, with deep, brown eyes that, despite the tired look, can tell you many things. Extremely muscular tan body, but not so much that it hinders his speed. Usually wears vests, his favorite one being a blue vest with floral design. Wears regular jeans and occasionally shorts with dragon-skin shoes. Has diamond rose earrings and eight rings, representing the eight known elements in the world, along with tattoos concerning the three forgotten elements on his back. Carries a violin on his hip and sword that much bigger than what it should be (around his own size) on his back.

Personality: A very tired and stern individual, as he has had to sit through the entirety of the Human race with all its squabbles and short-lived peaces. He wants to be a part of the world, but hates contact with humans, so he lives out in the mountains, sending flyers offering assistance through magic every so often. He is very calm, but can be thrown into a rage if properly provoked (and that would mean that you’re doing something incredibly wrong with your life). More of a “get to the point” type of guy, he can be pretty blunt, but knows when to hold his tongue.

History: Ryo was among the first generation of beings to ever be classified as “human”, a date that Huioje scientists cannot research effectively enough to find. He had a vague memory of being chosen by an unknown force to be what legends call a Shawequen, or “beast” in the earliest recorded language. After realizing his own immortality, Ryo spent hundreds of years trying to find ways to kill himself. However, the unknown force always made sure he stayed alive. In time, he came to accept what he was, and tried to gear his life towards a more upbeat approach. He actually came to really enjoy his new life set… for about two hundred years. Growing more and more depressed up watching friends and loved ones grow old and dying while he stayed the same and becoming disturbed at the rate at which humans grew more corrupt and violent, he fled to the mountains, refusing to meet any humans ever again. It was there, however, that he came across mythical creatures that had been long forgotten by time living close by each other. He still refused to meet any of the beings except for a strange hybrid of feline and humans, the Nekraoini. The Nekraoini had such an uncanny lifespan that Ryo actually met up with an elder that seemed to recognize him (although Ryo did not recognize him). These were the only creatures that Ryo allowed himself contact with, although he only visited them every twenty-five years. After they convinced him to open himself up to the world, at least a little, Ryo became a blacksmith, having been one during the two hundred years of his positive living, and only gave his items to those who had genuine need of it or were worthy. He became known as “The Underground Smith” for being unknown and extremely hard to find.

Abilities: If made ballistic, he’ll turn into a giant half wolf, dubbed by legend “Fangstre”. Can lift up to ¾ of a ton with both arms, ¼ with one. Has legendary blacksmith skills equal to the best of Dwarves. Able to use any elemental magic, but surpasses especially in Earth Magic. Mad gardening skills.

Quote: “Cherish that which you have both in sight, hindsight, and in beyond. Not to do so is saddening and pitiful, as you will never have a chance to do so ever again.”

The End

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