Aria Kahner

Aria "the Cadenza" Kahner

Age: Exact age unknown, somewhere around 1600-1700 years old.

Gender: Female

Appearance: White hair that comes down in twin bangs along the sides of her face. Has a rounded face and strange, yet lovely, opal white irises. Dresses in the remains of a European peasant outfit, which looks like a short shirt which exposes her midriff and bares her left shoulder, and a tattered skirt that stops just above her knees. Always barefoot. Wears a belt which conceals a variety of items, kind of like a utility belt, but mostly carrying holy relics and items. Has a sharp sword that looks like a mixture between a rapier and a katana, made using silver.

Personality: Sweet and bubbly, she is over affectionate and when she is grateful to someone she expresses it through hugs and kisses. However, this is merely an act, a ruse she keeps up to hide her true self: an emotionally scarred little girl. She is incredibly smart despite this, and when push comes to shove, she can fight better than most people with her acrobatic abilities.

History: Born in a small village in England, near Camelot before its fall. Her mother died when she was only one year old, and her father, a man named Alexander, went mad with grief, also believing his daughter to be dead to. As such, Aria was found and raised by a group of bandits that roamed the countryside, preying on travelers. Aria enjoyed the life of a bandit, and was what you would call a "bad girl". However, when it was discovered that she couldn't age, she was alienated from her friends and was considered an outcast by even the refuse of society... a fact that tore at her heart very greatly. She then traveled around the world, looking for answers, and eventually came upon her father, who also was immortal... but his mind and heart were shattered beyond repair, and he had become a terrifying lord of darkness, being the one responsible for all the plights of Europe during the Dark Ages: the Plague, the Viking Raids, Muslim invaders... all of which were his efforts to keep Europe in a state of darkness where he ruled from the shadows. Aria and her father, now calling himself Xeranad Lekard, did battle, and Aria lost. However, instead of killing her, Xeranad subjected her to fate far more cruel: he crucified her in an underground cavern and left her there, the entrance sealed. Since she couldn't die, Aria was forced to endure the pain, and it was then that she began to act somewhat differently. In order to forget the sorrow and grief, she crafted for herself a new identity... a different personality, so that she may forget the pain. And when her tomb had been opened some years later, she was a completely different woman. Now she continues down the path of her eternal life, hoping to never again run into the madness of her father.

Abilities: Inhuman agility, olympic level strength, speed and stamina, and nature magic.

Pros: Sweet, cutesy, affectionate, magical talents, and protective of her friends.

Cons: Somewhat selfish, easily frightened, the fact that the real personality is more or less a crying mess, asking for love and acceptance.

Quote: "Me? I'm just a lovely little songbird. Tweet tweet!"


The End

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