Kamoguchi Fujitsu- Insanity Reincarnate

                Kamoguchi Fujitsu- Insanity Reincarnate

                Age: 386

                Gender: Male

                Appearance: Five foot and eleven inches tall. Long chestnut brown, tied up in an exaggeratedly bushy pony (going down to his waist), but still with bangs. His face is long and pointed, with sparkling blue eyes. Wears an extremely patched up cloak (with a vast assortment of fabrics), a dirty shirt sewn together from multiple pieces of other shirts, jeans from the 1800’s, and bamboo sandals. Also has a cross and pentagram necklace. Carries around a black ichigenkin, and an invisible (to all people sans a select few)swallow katana.

                Personality: Very much insane. He seldom believes the world around him, and instead chooses to believe in his dreams instead. He is never calm, and always feels some sort emotion, almost constantly moving around. He can never keep anything to himself, even if it’s really embarrassing or insulting. Fujitsu also never thinks; he’ll just rush into any situation without any thought.

                History: Fujitsu was born and lived in Edo, Japan, 1624, June 21. He was the son of a large clan with notable samurai history, and the son of an excellent blacksmith (his father). When he was but seven years old, his home was burnt to the ground, his family along with it. The deed was done by the government, but nobody knows why. In either case, the event caused Fujitsu’s mind to snap. He started questioning everything he ever though was real, and instead began to believe in his dreams. After traveling for thirty years, Fujitsu noticed that his aging had decreased over the years, and he was now stuck in the body of a nineteen year old. He spent three years looking for the answer, when he came across what he came to know as his “shadow”. He explained to him that the shock of his family’s death had caused him to split in two, and that he was that other half. The other half told him that it he wanted to lead a normal life again, he should merge back with him. Fujitsu, however, tried to repress him, claiming that he must have been the one to kill his family, having seen a figure similar to him that night. Ever since then, Fujitsu has been traveling the world, desperate to shake his other half off.

                Abilities: Inhuman speed, jumping into dreams and making Inceptions, superhuman strength, wind magic

Pros: Honesty, courage, speaks from the heart, incredibly strong, trustworthy

Cons: Stupidity, never knows when to shut up, comes up with some ****ed up truths

Quote: “I once tasted the sky! It didn’t taste like rum at all! Sounded like ‘vwomp vwomp vwomp’, though. Or maybe that was some drunk’s dream? Eh. Be right back, saw something shiny.”

The End

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