My Fav. Characters

My favorite character is Kamryn from my story LeStrange World. The Story's based off of Harry Potter. Kamryn is starting a new year at hogwarts, blahblahblahblahblah, then she finds out her mother was a death eater. Her mother was a follower of Lord Voldemort. Her mother was Bellatrix LeStrange. I like Kamryn because she's smart, funny, and when she finds out the big news she takes it seriously and doesn't freak out. Most of all I like her because hse has to do with Harry Potter.

My other favorite character is Kaitlynn. She's also from another Harry Potter story. Rissi I think you already know about it, but anyway it's called S.P.E.L.L.S. I like her because she's the gossip of the fith year, but she can also be very nice when you get to know her.


Courtney =)

The End

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