My Fave's

It's impossible for me to choose just one, I like all of my characters...but here's a few of my absolute faves!

My first favorite is from my collab Castaway. His name is Xander, and he is a sweet, musically talented boy. He is a boy in love, but that's another story...

Another one of my favorites is also from the collab Castaway. Her name is Aderyn, she is a sweet, kind and math hating. She is very loving and loyal, and when a huge tragedy happens she does everything in her power to help her brother (Xander) get back to normal.

The third of my favorites also happens to be from Castaway. Deemed Marsha, she is an inventor, and a very good one at that. She is usually a very strong and independent girl, but when she gets stuck in a time lapse it's just too much for her to handle.

The last of my faves is from my story Quickly and Quietly. His name is Jay. He's a self motivated, persuasive, caring boy that loves his sister. One day when he gets home from school he and his sister are locked out of the house. After finishing his homework, he convinces his sister to walk with him the three miles to their grandma's house. Even when exhausted, he trudges on, and solves his problems to the very end!


The End

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