Favorite Character... (s)

Choosing a single character from a book is hard enough, let alone picking one from ALL the stories. One character I admire the most is from one of my older collabs. Her name is Ashley. Ashley is from Phantom of the Lost Animals, and she goes through a lot. She meets these weird human-animal creatures and goes on a long adventure to help them. She is brave and outgoing and she won't ever stop once she's in action.

    Another character I like is Hazel, from the story I haven't thought of a name for yet, but its up there! Hazel is a sophomore in high school. She goes through so much guy trouble and is seemingly a rantic flirt [in a way] just waiting to happen. She's shy when it comes to true love, but she speaks her mind when her time comes. Unlike me, Hazel is the character I want to be. She's got the courage to tell Katty, her step-mother, what she wants with no if's, and's, or but's.
    She's open to conversations and has 2 amazing best friends there to help her no matter what the risk is. It's like what that one song goes [Hannah Montan XD] "friends will go to the end of the earth, tp find the things that you need." Hazel is that kind of friend.

Hazel and Ashley are probably my top fav. characters so far, but this new collab I'm starting, Vampire High, Hazel [again] is probably going to rise to the top. She's like the other Hazel and Ashley put together.

The End

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