Character Wars

Here's how it goes. You pick one of your favorite character(s) from your work and defend it as the best character you know. While it seems weird, it can make sense. You have to include a brief description of your favorite character. Have fun with it! (If you want your story to be read, you will have to post the name in your chapter. This will help me find it.)

Ok, Here it goes. My favorite Character is from my story called Princesses In Training. My favoritee character is Princess Alice, Daughter of the late King Arthur. Alice is a mischevious red haired fourteen year old.  She is my favorite character because in every princess story, the princess always loves her life. But not everybody has to be that way. Alice is the only princess I have ever heard of that hates her royalty life and would rather be anything but royalty. Alice truly shows what happens when you mix rebellion with royalty.

The End

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