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It was only the first question, and so far no progress had been made... at least progress in the RIGHT direction. I felt as though all that was happening caused me to just dig a bigger hole for myself. These characters were ruthless, the authors were helpless, and they all depended on me to set things straight.

Looking around the room, I felt myself not wishing for anyone else to continue on with my prompt. However, my eyes fell upon the new arrival, whose name was Lionel I guessed. He was in a tight group with Claudia and Daniel. I remembered these three being in a collab together, so they probably were just hanging out. Or plotting my untimely demise.

Maybe a new question would help bring a different topic up that would save the authors from any more attacks. As much as I wanted to ask Lionel my previous one, it would only result in some more backtracking. Instead of looking for an author to beat up on, maybe introducing a happier subject would help cleanse the hostile mood.

"Okay" I spoke up, silencing the patients. "Now, I see that we've all beaten up on the authors enough for today, so we'll move on to a different question. Is there anyone in your life that is special to you? This is just to help ease the mind, thinking of someone that can help you or someone that may cause a problem of their own for you in some way."

Hunter snorted loudly. "This will certainly save the authors. I can feel the heat coming back, and it's going down on you bitch!"

Victor nodded. "You see, this will only allow more upset characters to yell at their authors more, and as much as I'd love to verbally assault sweet little Amy right about now, I'm bored of this shit, and I'd like some results instead of me having to do your dirty work, and not the good kind".

The guards didn't look very happy about these comments, and a few angry looks were exchanged that silenced the annoying duo. With a sigh, I turned to the characters that seemed to have some control over themselves... which I couldn't guarantee since almost all of them had snapped once before.

"Lionel, you were the last one to come in here, and you haven't spoken out to us yet, so why don't you open up with your answer?" I asked him, seeing what kind of response I would get.

He gave off a nervous laugh and just shook his head. "Listen, therapy isn't really my thing, I only came here because I heard my friends were here too. I don't really want to broadcast my secrets to the world. This question doesn't particurarly bother me, but I know that it will lead to another".

"So you do have someone special that you wouldn't have trouble telling us about?" I questioned him.

He looked over at Claudia, and just that gave away the answer before I heard it. "Special... isn't the type of word to describe Claudia... since... she's so much better than a simple word".

Daniel, the other character, was slightly annoyed by the romantics, and turned away to avoid witnessing the kiss the two characters shared briefly. Hunter almost made a reply to this, but the guards had an eye on him the whole time.

"Do you think that some of the problems you're experiencing have to do with something that's... I don't know, testign your relationship?" I continued with the conversation.

Claudia took over on this one. "We're not going to break up, ever. The only problem we have is that our authors are rather unpredictable and would love seperating us apart for the sake of a sob story". She started crying. "I even heard their forum talking... one of us could die! And for all I know, it could be him!"

Lionel sighed, glaring at me as he comforted his girlfriend. "You now see why I'm not a fan of these events. Thanks for making her cry, as though the wheelchair wasn't enough already!"

It was obvious by this statement that he wanted to to back off, so I left the trio alone and let my eyes wander the room for any takers or people that looked like they could have a substantial answer.

I glanced at Mitch, Lionel's author, and he seemed pretty detached from this question, his mind roaming somewhere in space. Maybe the problems he caused in the story and for the characters were because of real life tragedy, and that could be a start.

"Mitch, what about you?"

Like Lionel, he laughed, but not nervously... it seemed as though it was out of anger. "Let me check the list. Oh, that's right! Not one person. How about the people I despise so much because of how they've treated me, hmm? They're special in their own right".

All eyes were on the young author, but he didn't seem to care. "Let me see... my ex-girlfriend, my other ex-girlfriend, my would-be girlfriend that's dating some unknown 16-year old, my other would-be girlfriend, my bitchy mother and father, my annoying-as-hell sister, a friend who got angry at me over downloading a video game... is that enough for you? Or do you want to keep asking us questions that will destroy us?"

I nodded at the author. "I think we've found something".

Hunter looked from Mitch and then to me. "Holy shit, lady... I hate that kid, but the way you're talking, I don't think you're cut out for this work. Fucking whore..."

"That's enough of those comments, kid" one of the guards warned Hunter, who gave a glare in return. "I'll remvoe you from the session if you continue to act the way you are right now. I suggest you straighten up".

Even a threat from a big man such as the guard didn't phase the teenager. "You know, we almost left this hell-hole, and you guys convinced us to stay, and what the fuck has gone right during that time?"

"Thsi is the last time I'm gonna warn you" the guard replied menacingly. I was stone silent, watching this episode unfold before me. Victor looked at me as though sending the message 'You've got to solve your own problems too'.

Hunter held up his hands and kneeled on the floor. "You know what, officer? Take me away. I'll spend a night in jail if she spends a lifetime. It seems like a fair enough deal to me!"

"Enough of the questions! Enough of the fucking fighting! I hate this as much as you guys do, and I don't think you like it much either!" Mitch shouted, pointing at me. "Maybe we can all just shtu the fuck up for another hour and be silent. Silence will help better than what we're doing now!"

Surprisingly enough, the other characters seemed to find the author's reasoning. Before I knew it, everyone shut their mouths and sat calmly in their seats. I looked expectantly at the guards, but they seemed just as exasperated as me and without ideas.

If the police couldn't help me, if Victor couldn't give another speech, how exactly was I going to do this on my own?

At least they were quiet now...






The End

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