Cassandra's RageMature

Cassandra had slipped in behind the guards, soundlessly and now stood next to me, patiently waiting. Sere 1 and Sere 2 were still arguing, but much quieter now, hissing under their breath at each other. Fang had mysteriously vanished. She probably wasn't enjoying all this drama and had gone somewhere to wait it out. I didn't blame her one bit.

Cassandra raised her hand timidly in response to the doctor's question, "Who's next?"

Of course, she didn't notice her over the two Sere's clamoring to be next, "Me," Sere 1 said almost as the same time as Sere 2 said, "Pick me!"

They glared at each other and began bickering. I cleared my throat and spoke above the clamor, "Cassandra here raised her hand before those two began speaking. As her author, I would suggest she goes next,"

The two Seres fell silent, glaring at me as one entity. I shivered under their gaze and rubbed the goose bumps forming on my arms.

"Alright Cassandra, go ahead,"

She shuffled her feet and began her story, "I'm an imaginary character in another character's head," She murmured, "Then Victoria here made me a killer and...and I killed his girlfriend," Cassandra burst into tears once more and turned away, wiping at her eyes.

I sighed and continued the story on her behalf, "She wants me to rewrite the story and make it so she's not a killer, but that was the whole point of the short story. It's a tradgedy. Cassandra here just doesn't understand that,"

She turned on me, "You didn't even finish the story at all! You left it hanging at the end with me lost and afraid!"

I held my hands up, "Sorry. At least I actually finished the story - somewhat - instead of abandoning it like I usually do with my stories,"

Cassandra was trembling with rage, "I could reach inside your head right now and kill you!" She screamed, reaching out her hands to me, fingers bent like claws.

I backed away, frightened of my own creation.

The End

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