New ArrivalsMature

Bleeding. Punching. Screaming. Where in the world are th-


A gruff voice shouts as the door bursts open and slams against the wall. Uniformed men charge in and the scene in my office is suddenly and blissfully under control. One more guard strolls in holding a blue eyes, dark blond kid.

From the chorus of "Lionel!"s I figured this must be the kid that tied Claudia and Daniel together.

"You want one more Dr. Hart? Or should I remove this gentleman from the premises?"

"No! You can't! You gotta let him stay!" pleaded Claudia. I looked down the line of faces: Claudia, Dallas, Mitch, Alex, and Daniel. All of them were connected to this Lionel... I didn't want to take one more, but this character seemed to be the missing piece of the puzzle.

"He can stay. Thank you gentlemen. I would appreciate it if one or two of you remained here with me to keep things" I looked meaningfully at my clients, "under control."

Lionel was release and two of the giant men were stationed by the door. Ready to thwack heads at moments notice.

I turned back to the myriad of people who were seated in my room. Victor was glaring at Sere 1 and trying to straighten himself out a little. I offered him some tissues, which he promptly used to wipe his face, then balled them up and threw them at Sere.

Before any retaliation could occur, a loud crack sounded throughout the room. One of the guards had clapped his hands. Loudly. The glares dropped to the floor, and peace reigned.

For the moment.

"Now. We've gotten a bit off track. Daniel and Alex, we'll continue with you. Why are you here?"

"I'm here because this idi-"

One of the guards grunted.

"because this... imbecile... thinks he can write a love story. The truth is: he can't. There's nothing lovely, or lovey dovey about this story. Just pain, suffering, and morbidity. I can't keep my girlfriend for more than a few weeks thanks to him because I'm a stuck up jerk wh-"

Alex cut his creation off,

"No. You know it's not like that. If you guys are privy to our conversations and ideas like Claudia claims, then you'd know. I'm the one who tries to keep things happy. I really do try. I've tried to get you and Lionel back together several times. And the fact that you lost Claudia... that's not entirely my fault!"

"You made me punch Lionel in the nose."

"Oh come on! You would have done the same thing! Lionel was being a jerk" Alex glanced at Mitch and Lionel, "No offense. So I had to respond in kind. The whole enmity thing has frustrated me just as much as you. And you can't complain anymore because you guys are all friends again!"

"For how much longer? What's the next big thing on your list? We're tampering with the fire alarms genius. Something bad is gonna happen. And I'm guessing that it's gonna happen to her." Daniel yelled, pointing at Claudia. "She's already lost a boyfriend, almost lost a friend, almost died, she can't walk.... what more can you do to her? Is she gonna die in the fire? HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU JUSTIFY ANY OF THIS? YOU'RE ALL MONSTERS!"

There was silence. It wasn't the good kind either. It was shocked, stunned, horrified silence. I shook my head to clear it, and thought This is why you're here. To help them. You can't break down too.

"Thank you Daniel. Alex. Well... whose next?"

The End

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