I marched over to Victor and slapped him smartly across the face. He backed away, a hand to the red mark on his cheek, looking utterly surprised.

"Don't you dare touch any of my characters!" I shrieked, pointing an accusing finger in his face. Fang, bored with the whole situation already, sauntered out to join Cassandra and Bryon in the waiting room.

"Oh the ginger is feisty, come here and show me your real bad side," Victor snarled, beckoning me towards him.

The red haired Serenata stormed into the room and glared at Victor, "You mess with one red head you mess with all of us!" With a battle cry she launched herself at Victor and knocked him to the floor. Outside, Cassandra began to sob, "I want to go home!"
"My feelings exactly," Bryon sympathized, "Victoria, I'm going home and then I'm going to rescue Sarah. Have fun with your freak show," He growled, stalking off towards the elevator. I wondered for a fleeting moment how he even knew in which direction the elevator was. Sometimes I thought he could actually see and was just pretending, but that wasn't so because he was my character and I knew how I'd written him.

Victor's face was slowly becoming a bloody mess as Sere straddled him and slammed her fists into his nose.

"Alright that's enough! Sere, take...Sere and - get her off him!" I commanded the black haired Sere behind me. She nodded and grabbed the red haired Sere's black trench coat, yanking on it, "Geroff him you stupid ginge," She hollered. The brittle leather trench coat shredded under her grasp and tore in half. Black haired Sere landed on her rear on the carpet.

Red haired Sere stopped hitting Victor to look over her shoulder and give black haired Sere a murderous glare, "You didn't just rip my coat...did you?"

I pointed to the red haired Sere, "Sere 1," then pointed to the black haired Sere, "Sere 2. Both of you just stop for five minutes alright?" I held up five fingers and wiggled them, "Five minutes, okay?"

They ignored me. Sere 1 abandon her fight with Victor and began shouting at Sere 2. I rubbed my temples, wondering when security was going to show up.

The End

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