Enough is EnoughMature

As the choas in the room heightens, and my head begins to pound from the stress. I glance over at Victor and scowl, noticing that the arrogant and seemingly dangerous man is eating up every bit of the spectacle before him, as if he is watching a play being performed before his very eyes. An arrogant smile is plastered on his face, and his arms are crossed over his chest, while Amy, his author just stares at him in disgust and disbelief, shaking her head back and forth like a parent disappointed in their child's actions.

"Who needs to go to the circus to see a freak show?" Victor asks, glancing over at his author. "We've got one right here." He chuckles, uncrossing his arms and propping his left elbow up on the arm of the sofa, pressing his index finger to his temples and continuing to watch the show. "Hey hot little kitty, why don't you come sit on daddy's lap? I'll stroke you if you stroke me," he says, flicking his tongue at Fang.

"Keep taunting her and she'll probably scratch your fucking dick up!" Amy snaps at him, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Here's hoping, my sweet," he says, glancing over at her. "I figure someone in this office has to get me off, and if it's not going to be you or that hot shit therapist over there, I'm afraid I'm going to have to make do with what I have left."

"All right! That's it!" I shout, pushing myself up to my feet. "You leave me no choice! I'm calling security! Unless everyone can take a seat and calm down, but I've grown tired of waiting!" Turning on my heels, I step towards my desk, tossing down the client files and snatching up the reciever of the phone, dialing a couple buttons and calling for security. "I need as many security guards as you can get up here, immediately! Things have gotten completely out of hand!" The man at the desk informs me that he will send the guards up at once, I thank him and slam the phone back down in its cradle, sighing deeply and looking at the large group before me. Circus animals are far more behaved then these people.

Crossing my arms firmly over my chest, I shake my head in disapproval. "I didn't want to do it! But you left me no choice!" Dropping down in the chair behind my desk, I start rummaging around in my drawers for my Execedrin to put a stop to this pounding migraine, consistently asking myself why I took this job in the first place.

The End

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