Sere and Sere had finally ceased fighting. They were both sitting on the floor, bloody messes, trying to catch their breath.

Cassandra, after a little coaxing and two boxes of tissues, had reduced her tears to pitiful sniffles.

I cast a glance at the door to the doctor's office,  wondering how Fang was doing. There was an awful lot of shouting going on in there, and I wondered for a moment how she would react.

The answer came soon enough. The shouting turned to panicked screams. I ran to the door and threw it open, hoping to god that she wasn't killing anyone.

Instead, I found her standing erect on her hind legs in the middle of the room, hissing at a boy holding a cell phone. She was baring her fangs, saliva dripping of the tips of them. The boy had grown very pale. He backed away from her, dropping his phone in the process.

"Good kitty, nice kitty," He told her, backing away.

Someone piped up amongst the screaming, shouting and general panic, "I'm still going to call security!"

I rubbed my temples and entered the office, "Fang! Quit hissing at him!"

Could my day get any worse?


The End

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