On My Speed-dialMature

As the brawl began to break out on one side of the room, a different, verbal conflict seemed to be erupting on the opposite section. Claudia didn't appear to leave Hunter's poor author alone, even after all that had happened to him already.

"Just because of a love story? Is that the excuse you're going to give me?" Claudia had some sort of fire in her eyes that frightened even me.

"You know what, you two ended up together in the end, and all is well now, so what are you complaining so much about?" Mitch retorted.

Claudia snorted. "Oh yeah. Let's not forget the hard road to that, and the fact that you apparently have some other plot figured out for us. Just how far are you going to go until you finally say that you're done wrecking everything!?"

Mitch wildly threw up his arms. "That was a private conversation on a website".

Claudia sighed. "You know I listen! You should know that we all listen. All of your little plans are fair game for us, and so I'm sorry if we don't react to them well. All of that hell you put Lionel through... I wat him here now!"

"So you're gonig to make demands to me now? Can I be given one break in this fucking room, just one moment where I'm not the center of attention!" Mitch looked up to the heavens for an answer.

Claudia glared at him deviously, a plan obviously forming in her mind. "If you don't, your story isn't gonig to bode well if I decide to just turn against you guys and make you take me out of that crap".

Mitch flipped out his phone, pressed a button, and showed whatever he pulled up to Cludia. "See that? Number one on my speed-dial. You want him? One more 'click', and he walks through that door".

Claudia nodded. "Honestly, you bring him in here, and I will feel so much better. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to let you off the hook. We're going to have a conversation that you WILL enjoy".

Mitch showed the phone again. "You're certain?"

The look he recieved gave him the right answer. He pressed the button, held the phone up to his ear, and had a rather brief conversation with whoever was on the other end of the line.

"Yeah. I don't want to talk to you right now either. No, it's not me. You have a request to come down here. I'm not going to tell you unless you get your ass down here. Well I'll get my own ass kicked if you don't, and as much as you'd love that, it won't help you at all. Then I'll see you there".

That was enough. I was sick of all of these people walking in as they pleased, and I was ready to put a swift end to it.

"I'm calling security".

The End

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