Claudia's FuryMature

I watch as Mitch slowly turns and sits in a chair, obviously still mulling over what Amy has said. I sigh with relief, thinking that everyone has finally calmed down enough to speak.

Claudia turns to Mitch.

"You." she says, pointing a shaky finger at him. "You're the one who screwed up Lionel's life. Why did you do that to him? You killed his family, made him try to commit suicide." She shakes her head. "You have a sick, sick mind."

"And you." she says, turning once again to her author, Dallas. "You're not yet off the hook for this stupid wheelchair. You even gave me a small walking part, but you wrenched that away from me too. And made me laugh about it."

"I'm sorry! Blame that stupid song That I listened to, okay!" Dallas screams at her.

Claudia sits back in her chair with her arms crossed, obviously very upset at both her own author and Mitch. I keep wondering who this Lionel is that both Alex and Claudia have mentioned. Hopefully he'll show up.

The door opens. I turn, and what I see takes me by surprise. There are five girls, one of them a strange hybrid of a cat and human, and one boy. He looks blind.

Man, I have my work ahead of me.

The End

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