Waiting Room ScuffleMature

"I swear if you say one more word I will punch you in the face," Serenata hissed to the other Serenata. We were all jammed in the elevator, uncomfortably close to one another. My characters usually weren't so violent but ever since I'd created the alternate version of Serenata things went a bit askew. The black haired Serenata glared at the red haired Serenata. The red haired Serenata began to taunt her, "At least I wasn't created in a lab as some genetic experiment!"

Fang growled low in her throat, silencing the two Time Ladies. Fang could relate to the black haired Serenata, seeing as she was also a genetic experiment.

"Thank you Fang," I told her, releasing the breath I didn't know I'd been holding. Fang was twitching uncomfortably, not liking the confined box that was the elevator. The doors snapped open and Bryon rushed out, desperate to be away from the people crushed all around him. Seeing as he was blind, he tripped over his own two feet and landed on the carpet of the waiting room, face down.

"Crap," I rushed forward, kneeling beside him.

"Are you okay?"

He pushed me away as I tried to help him. "I'm blind, not crippled. I can help myself. You could have at least brought Sarah with us," I frowned, not sure what he meant.

"I can't. Trapped in a mental institution remember?" I prompted, helping steady him as he rose to his feet. Behind me, the two Serenatas were bickering once more. Fang had settled herself on an endtable, perching like a cat, licking something that suspiciously looked like blood from between her claws. Cassandra, the only one of my characters that hadn't spoken, was sitting in the chair beside Fang, picking dirt off her bloodstained blouse.

"Well you could've written her out of there!" Bryon howled, tears springing to his eyes.

The black haired Serenata threw a punch at the red haired Serenata, sending her flying against the room. She cracked her head against the wall, spraying blood everywhere. Cassandra began to sob uncontrollably at the sight, burying her face in her hands.

"Okay, everyone just calm down!" I cried, holding my hands up in the air. Fang, suddenly interested in the brawl, sprung herself at the black haired Sere who had begun the fight. The red haired Serenata, concerned for her doppleganger, flung herself on top of the cat-like human, trying to pull her away.

"Get off her you bloody feline!" She roared, tugging at Fang's hair. In response, the mutant whirled around and slice her claws across her face.

"No more blood!" Cassandra cried, rocking back and forth with her knees tucked up against her chest.

Bryon was spinning around in circles, "What's going on? What's happening!? Why did you have to make me blind, damnit!"

I pinched the bridge of my nose, attempting to collect whatever was left of my sanity.

"Can we all just stop for a moment?"

Of course, no one was listening to me, and by the sounds of things there was something of a fight going on in the doctor's office as well. Who's idea was it to bring my character's here anyway? Oh yeah, mine. Great idea, Victoria. Now they're all going to kill each other.

The End

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