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I feared that Victor's new best friend would make a racket after this scene, and I could only wait for his comment. "Well, I didn't know we were bringing in some bickering gay couple too. Shit really just hit the fucking fan". Victor, however, simply shook his head and held out a hand, a motion for the teenager to let this one go.

I shrugged the weight off of my shoulders, rolled my head around my neck, took a few deep breaths, and then tried to focus. There were so many troubled people in here, and having to help them all wasn't going to be easy. I could already sense that Hunter had turned the mood sour once more.

"Now that we've got... I hope... everyone here, we can get started. And since you seem so eager to talk, how about you start us off, Hunter?" I encouraged him, prepared to do my duty as a therapist. "What book are you from, anyways?"

"You people would know if you read one fucking sentence of it..." Mitch commented, clearly angry that nobody seemed to know. I could tell where Hunter got his mouth from.

Hunter nodded. "I may not like this guy, but he's spent more than three months working on this shit and not one person has noticed it. It's bad for my publicity when my greatness can't be witnessed, know what I'm saying?"

Mitch looked rather surprised. "You're complimenting me?"

Hunter nodded. "More like backing you up, and don't get used to it".

I looked at them both. "And now I think we've found our first problem here. Maybe you two don't seem to get along because you can't get the success that you want or the success that you think you deserve".

Mitch sighed. "It's hard when you go to a website that clearly states its for fiction writing and accepting of it, and when you get on you realize you have no chance since you're new and the only people that are cared for are the veterans. You can't become a veteran yourself if nobody glances your way! And I'd like to think I do a pretty damn good job!"

"I don't know if we need a giant fucking poster or some shit like it, but it's been too long since we got even one fucking comment. You know, I loved it when he was in school, because at least those people loved this shit and realized it for what it was". This was Hunter speaking.

"Well, if you think about it, we recognize you as Lionel's author" Alex said in a futile attempt to calm the other author down.

"But Lionel isn't from the book I plan on trying to publish some day or another" Mitch replied, shaking his head. "Once I finish LWoE, edit it and such, I will try and get it published, and just hope for the best".

"Maybe all you need is to embrace the power of... patience. It's important to try and keep yourself calm and collected in these endeavors" I suggested, a little tip that I hoped would help the teenager. It didn't seem to.

"I think this therapy bullshit is gonna make us feel fucking worse instead of better. Maybe he forced me here, but at this point I think neither of us really give a damn. Do you?" Hunter asked his author.

Mitch simply shrugged. "Honestly... I agree with you. This is a complete waste of my time. I have an acting camp coming up, and I have some writting to do on my book, but you wouldn't care about THAT anyways".

The teenagers stood up at the same time, Mitch preferring to let Hunter do the talking. "Pleasure doing business with you. Bitch". He spat the last word.

The teenagers began to walk away, and I looked at Victor expactantly to see if he would help, but it would seem as though he was already having a heated conversation with his own author and didn't realize what was happening around him.

All I could do was look around and see if somebody could try and salvage whatever Hell I had created.

The End

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