Two is a coupleMature

After collecting my thoughts, I open my mouth with the intention of getting things rolling. But then the door opens again. Two boys, about the same age, same build... same everything almost... walk in. They're in the middle of a heated conversation.

"I still don't see why we are doing this" says the one with longer hair and green eyes.

"We're doing this because you haven't spoken to me in a couple of months Daniel."

"Wanna know why? How bout you take a guess why. Here's a hint: You made me a jerk. You ruined my relationship with my best friend. You made me push away my girlfriend. And for what? A sob story? Why would you do that?"

"Why did I make a character with just as much sarcasm as myself?" The one with shorter hair and brown eyes mutters.


Claudia nearly leapt out of her wheelchair when she saw the new arrival. Daniel, the green eyed one, looked over at her then back at his companion.

"You invited her? Alex. Really? You finally have Lionel and I on good terms and you invite his girlfriend, my ex, here without him."

"You don't understand what thi-"

"Oh I understand perfectly! You've never had a girlfriend Alex! That's why you're so bad at this whole thing! You're just woefully at a loss when it comes to girls!"

"Listen pretty boy, I can still be-"

Enough was enough. I stood and spoke sharply,

"Gentlemen! Please! You're already late. Do not make things worse by interrupting the proceedings. Take a seat or leave."

The two looked at each then went for some of the remaining chairs in the room. As Daniel went to sit down he looked at Claudia and mouthed "Is Lionel coming?" She shrugged and looked at Mitch. Who seemed to have missed the exchange. Alex, Daniel's author I assumed, looked at Mitch and asked,

"Hey, Mitch! I'd say its been awhile but it's been... never... so... yeah... is Lionel coming? I was kinda hoping that he'd be here..."

Mitch didn't seem to know so he shrugged and kept silent. I decided to take the reigns back.

"Alright. How about we start by introducing ourselves, and telling a little bit about who we are, where we're from, and why we're here."

The End

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