Victor Makes A FriendMature

I rub the spot in between my eyebrows, feeling that migraine beginning. "Boys!" I shout. "Boys, please! Stop this right now!" The spectacle taking place in front of me is only something you'd see on Jerry Springer. I doubt it's going to be that easy to calm my patients down, so I must resort to doing the only thing I can. The only thing Jerry would do. I lean forward, setting the client files on the coffee table, and push myself up to my feet, turning and starting towards my desk to call up security.

I stop in my tracks, turning to watch in both astonishment and relief as Victor, the tall and rugged man steps forward, swiftly pushing the ladies aside with ease, as if he had the super human strength of ten men, causing Amy, Dallas and Sophie to topple to the floor, several feet across the room.

"Out of my way, ladies!" He shouts. "I'll handle this!" He grabs Hunter's upper arms, "all right kid, that's enough!" The teenager struggles with Victor's grasp, kicking and shouting expletives, but due to the man's size, doesn't exactly have a choice in the matter but to be lifted from his author. "I know you want to beat this guy's ass in for ruining your fucking life, and believe me, I want to beat my sweet little Amy too, but you're not going to accomplish anything this way, so let's try and settle down now, shall we?"

I sigh softly. "Thank you, Victor. I was just about to call in security."

"No need, sweetie pie. Not when you've got a man of my size and strength around," he says.

The girls around the room slowly push themselves up to her feet, Sophie muttering something about suing Victor, and Amy appearing to be struggling with her emotions as she wraps her arms around herself protectively, and returns to her seat on the sofa. "I should of brought in Andrew or someone else," she says softly. "How could I be so stupid?" She shakes her head, leaning back into the cushions and staring up at the ceiling, her brown eyes welling up with tears. I scowl at her and gesture to Claudia to pass her the tissues. She willingly does so.

Slowly returning to my seat, I watch as the other teenage boy tries to collect himself and pick himself up off the floor where he was being beaten. Hunter seems utterly disturbed that Victor broke up the fight, but doesn't struggle anymore as he looks up at the man expectantly, vexation still shining in his eyes. "Please, let's just have a seat and try to calm down. We're here to work out our differences, not make them worse," I say calmly.

Victor glances over at me with a bored expression then down at Hunter, removing one of his hands from his shoulder. "Listen kid, I know what you're going through. I hate the world as much as you do, which is why I rape and kill for a living, but you think I chose this life? While I might have been given the elusive skills of cleaning up my crimes, with or without my pack of vicious rottweilers, it's still a bitch to have to keep running from the cops, because I know, sooner or later, they'll catch up with me. And who the hell do I have to blame for that?" He slowly turns his head, his steely green eyes filling with hatred as he looks over at Amy on the sofa, pointing an accusing finger in her direction. "That little bitch right there."

Amy sniffles softly as she dabs her eyes with the tissue, shooting a glare at the man, but saying nothing.

He looks back at Hunter, who suddenly and genuinely looks interested in this man's story, and so does everyone else in the room, especially myself. "Sure, she's helped me elude the cops in every single one of her novels so far, but I know for a fact how she intends on getting rid of me. any other criminal. Either by electrocution or a lethal injection. You think I want to fucking die that way! If she thinks I'm going to let her do this to me, after all I've done for her, she's got another thing coming."

Very quietly, I try and coax them back to their seats. "Gentlemen, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but could you please return to your seats so we could begin our session? We will get to your stories in a few minutes." I wait patiently, hoping they will follow my commands, as the other teenage boy already has.

Victor shoots a glare in my direction before heaving a deep sigh, and glancing back at Hunter, placing his hand against the nape of his neck and giving his shoulder a pat. "Why don't you come sit with me? We clearly have a lot more in common than either of us realize. Hmm?"

I smile softly, relieved that the man seems to be getting through to this hostile teenager, and why wouldn't he? He had a point. They did appear to have a lot in common, though I am hardly pleased to hear this shocking news about Victor being a killer and a rapist. I have my work cut out for me indeed.


The End

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