A New ChallengerMature

Before the session could continue, I grew wary of some shouting taking place outside of the room all of the characters were in. Taking a deep breath, I tried to continue, hoping the noise would stop. Oddly enough, it sounded as though it was getting closer. Sadly, I realized that another odd character was going to barrel in any second now.

"I want to know who the fuck decided to put me in some fucking freakshow!" The teenager who had just entered wasn't the exact definition of clean or polite either. His face was burning red from a combination of anger and embarrasment.

He took one glance around the room and laughed. "And stuck with these bitches, no less. Life is just such a fucking pain in the ass sometimes! I have things to do other than chat about my problems, like I fucking have any!"

There was only one way to attempt to calm him down. "Well, you're here for a reason, and if you keep shouting, well, you can stay and here and just listen to us talk".

It seemed to do the trick... sort of. The teenager finally settled down and eased himself into a chair, shooting looks of disgust at the other members. Victor seemed to have liking for him right off the bat.

"Well, where do I start? I'm Hunter. I play bitches like a fiddle, and I need to go and beat up some lousy bastard. Thank you, good night". He got out of the chair just after sitting in it, almost making it into the door. Victor offered some applause at this tiny speech.

"You seem to be bothered by this... lousy person. Why don't you talk about him?" I was gonig to see if I could get him to stay, as solving problems was my job.

"He likes to walk in, such a fucking showoff, thinking he's the top of the world. He even died and came back to life! That's some messed up shit, and I can't be the only guy who says so".

"Came back to life? I think you're having illusions" I replied as calmly as I could. Nobody had really moved or made much noise during this confrontation.

Hunter laughed, sighed, then leaned back into his chair. "Well bitch, you've got me spilling all of my little issues to you now. How about you do your goddamn job and fix it, huh, if you think you're so fucking good?"

"Sorry I'm late!" This comment came from a teenager not quite as old as Hunter with dirty-blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a Styx T-Shirt and looked frightened to see Hunter, who looked only angered by this kid's appearance.

"You!" he shouted, pointing at the new arrival, "I bet you put me into this, you fucking asshole! Why did I have to get written by the world's biggest dumbass? You even created Jordan!"

"I was just thinking this would help straighten your character up, since I had failed myself" the teenager replied, his voice growing quiter.

With a loud battle cry, Hunter charged the boy, fists flailing, knocking the poor kid to the floor, who immediately curled up to avoid pain and tried to crawl away. Shouting began almost instantly as the other people began trying to tear Hunter off of who I assumed was his author.

It was going to be a longer day than usual.

The End

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