More TensionMature

Everyone falls silent, but the girl in the wheelchair glares at Victor. Flipping through my files, I find that she is Claudia, which means that the 15-year-old with brown hair and glasses comforting her is her author, Dallas Hedges. Which means that the third girl with blonde hair and gray-blue eyes is Sophie.

I take a deep breath and turn to Claudia. Her red hair is slightly messy, pulled back in a ponytail, and her green eyes are red and puffy from crying.

She catches my eye and nods.

"I'm sorry." she says. "I just…"

Dallas puts a comforting hand on Claudia's shoulder and she relaxes.

I nod. "Ok, who would like to start?"

Claudia's hand raises. I nod at her. She turns to Dallas.

"My first question: why did you put me in this cursed wheelchair?" she exclaimed. "Do you realize how much more difficult it makes my whole life?"

Dallas looks uncomfortable and her hand falkland from Claudia's shoulder. "Well, Claudia, I, um…" She looks down. "Honestly? Just to create more tension in the story."

Claudia looks shocked. "Are you kidding me?" she practically screamed. "There was already enough tension. Lionel had tried to freaking commit suicide! And you decided to out me in a wheel chair by getting hit by a truck of all things. Yeah, how original."

The room is once again silent as Claudia pulls out another tissue. Dallas shifts uncomfortably in her chair and looks pleadingly at me.

"Er, right." I say. "Um, new topic."

The End

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