Character TherapyMature

I got this idea from a writing exercise here on Protagonize, and it sounded like it would make an intriguing story, so I decided to start a character therapy story one of my own. Feel free to jump in if you want!

I started this story mainly as a collaborative story between me and Shally16, when she jumped at the idea of my idea that I got from a fiction exercise here on Protagonize, about taking your characters to a therapist's office as yourself, and sitting them down to try work out unresolved issues.

But since this is a public collaborative story, please, feel free to jump in any time you want! We'd love to have you. We're all playing the role of the therapist here, Dr. Abigail Hart, who I'm imagining as Kate Beckinsale, if you need a visual. American, not English Kate. I'm telling this story in the first person, from both the therapist's point of view and the author's, no matter who you are. I would just prefer that we try and stick to writing for our own characters and ourselves, as opposed to other people taking over in playing you and your characters, but I'm not against adding little bits of the other characters to your chapters. Just don't go overboard. Above all, have fun!

Anything goes here! And all kinds of characters are welcome. If your character needs therapy, bring them in.

The End

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