The Book Store

The bell tickles as the door opens and admits Anne into a quaint shop on the edge of town by the lake. The dark wood floors, musty smell, and quiet immediately allow her to relax and she pulls off her scarf looking around. Behind the counter is an old, balding man, wrapping an older book in brown paper, and slipping it into a sack for a woman wearing a bright yellow raincoat. 

The round displays of books in front of her made a small obstacle course to the rows of shelves that led deep into the back of the building. She leaned over on foot to see how far back it went, but immediately adjusted to let a couple in matching argyle pass her. The old man smiled a wrinkled smile at her. 

"Hello," he said warmly, pushing his glasses back up on the bridge of his nose. She smiled back.

"Can I help you find anything?" She was already shaking her head.

"No, thank you." She cleared her throat, but he nodded at her feeble response and gestured to the rows of books before her. She smiled gratefully, and started down the maze.

The books were colorful, and shiny. They looked polished and smooth with new plastic covers and bold letters. Her light blue eyes drifted from one book to the next: Red, orange, blue, purple, and "How To", "Elinor and the Infinite Abyss", "Faces of Photography". She drifted silently down the rows of books, searching for nothing in particular. She just let the entire atmosphere embrace her. The musty smell, the dark wood floors, dark wood shelves, low ceilings, and orange glow of old lamplight. Though her wet black shoes thumped along the boards, all sound of her passing was absorbed by the walls of books surrounding her. 

The End

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