Everyone who's anyone (read: the F!S users who are going to be writing and characterized (or caricatured) in this... whatever this it) needs a character, and to help everyone else get a handle on writing you-as-character, and to get the ball rolling, you can post a short description of yourself in this work.

Hey y'all.  So in case you didn't read the summary, this is a collection of character studies written by the "characters" themselves, who in this case are all the F!S users.  The purpose of this is dual: one, to define the F!S users in their own words, so that any confusion in the vein of "but I wouldn't do that!" is minimal; and two, it's a fun exercise and will give you an excuse to make up strange things about yourself.

The way is works is this: write a character sketch for your F!S username.  It doesn't have to resemble the real you in any way, although hopefully you knew that already. Post it on here. This is non-linear and outside whatever happens, so there's no order you need to go in.

Because it's non-linear and doesn't require knowledge of the plot (such that we might have one) or previous details, character studies that have been posted in the General Comments will get uploaded here, too, for the sake of completion.

Should significant character development happen, users are welcome to submit an updated/"2.0" version of their character sketch.

That sounds like it covers everything.  Here's your keys, you're down the hall to the right.  Rent is free, as long as you can stand everyone else in the building....

The End

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