Evangeline - Dying Shores

What is your name?

Evangeline. Not Litte Evan! *Looks over to Georgia*

How old are you?

*Rubs head* Good question. 15-ish... I think. I don't celebrate my birthday, so I can't keep count!

Where do you come from?

Scotland! *Waving huge flag*

Are you married/in love?

Oh yes, so very much in love. *Stares dreamily* I'm engadged actually.

Do you have any children?

Children? At 15? I hope you're joking!

What is your profession?

I don't have a profession. Unless stowing-away on hell-bound ship counts.

Do you have any secrets?

*Shrugs* Not really. Well, it's not my secret. I hope you're not expecting me to tell you!

Who is your best friend/worst enemy?

My best friend is Georgia. She's more of a sister. As for enemies, I don't really have any... At least, I don't think I do.

What would you take out of a burning house?

My journal. It's all I have left of my mother and father. *Sniffs*

Name three weaknesses and three strengths.

Oh, lets see. I'm fast(ish), and I'm loving. I can also sing, if that counts as a strength. For weaknesses... I'm short and weak. I'm terrible at hiding my emotions *Blushing with embarssement* and always end up smashing something.

If you could change 1 thing in your past, what would it be?

Not getting on the Titanic maybe! Well, maybe not. I wouldn't've met him then... No, I would've got him in a boat. Yes, that's it.

What is your first thought in the morning?

I think of my fiance. *Gets tears forming* I miss him...

What are you terrified of?


What is the 1st thing on your Christmas list?

Hmmm. I don't know... I don't really like Christmas.

What is the worst present anyone's ever given you?

*Crosses arms* No one ever gives me a gift.

Who would you want to talk to one last time?  What would you say?

To my fiance, to tell him that I love him.

Would you consider yourself an angel or a devil?

A little of both. An angel, that doesn't like the rules.

What would your 3 wishes be?

To have my family back... To get married... and, well, maybe a cat. I love cats.

What makes you angry?

People judging me because I'm a Scot.

Would you like a hug?

The End

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