1 - What is your name?

Colette Benton

2 - How old are you?


3 - Where do you come from?


4 - Are you married/in love?

Yes, I think I am in love, although I kind of sounds silly and- please don’t laugh!

5 - Do you have any children?

NO! Gods, didn’t I say I was thirteen?

6 - What is your profession?

Um… Once again I’m thirteen.

7 - Do you have any secrets?

Uh… loads. I’m not too sure I want to tell you though… No…. Can I trust you though?... Okay, I’ll tell you one. At night I talk to the stars as if it’s like a telepathic way of communicating to…. Someone.

8 - Who is your best friend/worst enemy?

I suppose my best friend is my kitten. My worst enemy would be… Allen.

9 - What would you take out of a burning house?

I would take my diary, probably. And if *person* was there I would take him…

10 - Name three weaknesses and three strengths.

Weaknesses….. I’m hopelessly in love. I’m weak. I’m stupidly sentimental.

Strengths… Are there any? There is almost nothing I wouldn’t do for love. I know who I am and who I want to be. I’m nothing like Allen and the stupid people in my year who are kidding themselves that they’re amazing?

11 - If you could change 1 thing in your past, what would it be?

Never falling in love.

12 - What is your first thought in the morning?


13 - What are you terrified of?

People hating me. Especially him hating me…

14 - What is the 1st thing on your Christmas list?


15 - What is the worst present anyone's ever given you?

Knickers. Why are people so unimaginative and annoying. Get proper presents please. Plus, I don’t like people knowing what underwear I have!

16 - Who would you want to talk to one last time? What would you say?

One last time?

17 - Would you consider yourself an angel or a devil?

Hmm… I’m totally innocent so I’m an angel I suppose. Then again, I don’t see myself as innocent. I could cry if I thought too much about what I’ve done and what I’m going to do.

18 - What would your 3 wishes be?


19 - What makes you angry?

People telling me I can’t do things…. People flirting with my guy..

20 - Would you like a hug?

I love hugs but I don’t know you….

The End

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