Echo Kinshu

1 - What is your name?

My name? Kinshu. Echo Kinshu. Not that you care... Nobody really cares...

2 - How old are you?

17, I think... My birthday may have been recent, so... 18, I guess.

3 - Where do you come from?

I hail from Maine. My neighbour is a Mr. Stephen King. Heard of him?

4 - Are you married/in love?

Married? No. In love? That depends... I've been dating Matt for three years, now?
Again, not that you care.

5 - Do you have any children?

Hah, is that a joke? No.

6 - What is your profession?

Well, according to the movie "The Professional", I'm a "cleaner". If you don't know what that means, I'm a sniper, of sorts. An assassin. One of the best, I'm told.

7 - Do you have any secrets?

Who doesn't?

8 - Who is your best friend/worst enemy?

My best friend, other than Matt, would be a pretty little girl named Raz. Actually, she's 16 now, I think... How time flies.

Worst enemy? This mage. His name is Blake. Tried to kill my friends and I. I don't take kindly to that, ya know?

9 - What would you take out of a burning house?

My books. As many of them as I could get before I caught on fire...

10 - Name three weaknesses and three strengths.

Weaknesses... My lack of self-confidence, self-esteem, and trust. Should I go on?

Strengths... None come to mind.

11 - If you could change 1 thing in your past, what would it be?

I would tell my father that... Wait! Why do you care? You don't, do you? You're just going to use this against me later, aren't you?!

......I'm... sorry. That was uncalled for...

12 - What is your first thought in the morning?

"Why is it so bright out? Go away, sun!"

13 - What are you terrified of?

You don't need to know this, do you?

14 - What is the 1st thing on your Christmas list?

I don't celebrate Christmas. I'm an atheist. So shoot me.

15 - What is the worst present anyone's ever given you?

Nobody except Matt gives me gifts. He always picks something good.

16 - Who would you want to talk to one last time?  What would you say?

This is another think I won't answer. Again, so shoot me.

17 - Would you consider yourself an angel or a devil?

Neither. Choosing one implies a belief in them, and I do not believe in anything I can't see.

18 - What would your 3 wishes be?

1. For 200 more wishes. No, I'm not that selfish.

1. For some way to feed my family. That's all. (My parents...)

19 - What makes you angry?

YOU! No, that was unnecessary... Lots of things make me angry... The list could go on forever.

20 - Would you like a hug?

...No... I'd rather not...

The End

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