the weird new kid

1. what is your name?

"Um.. Brandee Taylor?"*sarcastic

2.  how old are you?

"seventeen, just like any average junior at this small town school."

3. where are you from?

*pause* "new York... the suburbs around Manhattan"

4. are you married/ in love?

"do i look like a jew or some other eastern culturaltist where kids get married at age thirteen?"

5. do you have any children?

*sarcasm* "yeah, i have eight. their names are Do, I, Look, Like, A, One, Night, Stand?"

6. what is your profession?

"serial killer" *laughs "i'm kidding! student, same as most unemployed teenagers"

7. do you have any secrets?

*hand go to throat and grabs dogtag hanging from neck* "doesn't everyone?"

8. who is your best friend/ worst enemy?

"uh... worst enemy would be my mom" *laughs* "because i'm not so gung-ho about cleaning rooms. best friend, though... Chase Blane, he was a... neighbor back home. ..wife and kids left him... so we kinda became his family, and he became the dad me and my sister never really had."

9. what would you take out of a burning house?

 *freezes. eyes go blank for a moment* "besides myself and family? ...probably my phone to call the cops... yeah, my phone."

10 name three weaknesses and strengths

"weaknesses: i get too close to people, get bored of things fast, and am not comfortable in being in the spotlight

"Strengths? i guess those would be that i can draw the most amazing drawings- does that count? and... i can beat anyone at chess and can hack any network. oh! and i'm also very humble"

i guess another weakness i have is math- i can reads 1's and 0's easy enough, anything non-binary- related just messes me up"

11. if you could change one thing in your past, what would it be?

"simply put, changing the past would have so many repercussions dimensionwide that i can't even begin to describe them to you. but laws of physics and dimentionalism aside? i'd keep Jessie Derke, my boyfriend, from going on that excursion with Chase..." *fades off, eyes averted to the side as hand twists the chain of the dogtag.

12. what is your first thought in the morning?

*laughs* " 'what dimension am i in?' is probaly the first thing to spring to mind. old habits die hard"

13. what are you terrified of?

*looks around, as if checking for eavesdroppers, then leans in close, "THEM. and you should be too."

14. what is the first thing on your christmas list?

"to regain the ignorance i had prior to last April."

15. what is the worst present anyone's ever given you?

"a dead boy friend. on his brithday" *awkward silence

16. who would you like to talk to one last time? what would you say?

*bites lip* "Jessie. tell him that i love him and will never forget him." *hand is clasped around dogtag tightly, white-knuckled

17. would you consider yourself an angel or devil?

"anyone's a devil compared to Jessie.he was perfect, and you wanna know something? he LOVED me back! me, a punk from New York"

18. what would your three wishes be?

"that jessie never died, that i didn't have to choose loyalties between family and friends who saved my life and were closer than brothers, oh.. and that that stupid hag-of-a-gypsy Magdelene could be killed and tortured in dozen different ways at the same time will the other versions of her trembled in fear as they awaited their turn." *the last is said decisively, as if well thought-out

19. what makes you angry?

"stupid gypsies who think they own the worlds and everything in them because they have a contraption that makes people slide from dimension to dimension, oh yeah, classical music, and nosy people too."

20. do you want a hug?

"do you want to die?"  *pause* "didn't think so."

The End

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