Sarah of Vervell

Me: What is your name?

Sarah: Well I know you know [she smiles] but for the record it’s Sarah Anne Smith.


Me: How old are you?

Sarah: Do we have to go over this? [her tone is light hearted though she rolls her eyes] I think I’m about 22 or 23, but you never gave me a birthday.


Me: I didn’t want to pin down the year [I smile back] So where are you from?

Sarah: Grassland USA, also known as the Midwest [she grins] I know you’re debating on Kansas, but you aren’t sure if there were horse ranches there, ever.


Me: Shall I get someone else to do this interview? [Sarah shakes her head] Alright then, question four is; Are you married or in love?

Sarah: I’ll be married as soon as you finish editing the third book [she laughs] as to being in love, yeah, I guess I am [her eyes twinkle slightly as she thinks of Jay]


Me: Okay, no taking offence at this one please. Do you have any children?

Sarah: [with a sigh] Nope [she pops the p slightly] never even been pregnant before my womb was removed.


Me: So, what is your profession?

Sarah: that’s tough actually [she thinks seriously for a moment] before I was a elementary school teacher, 1st or 2nd grade I suspect, but now... [She looks off into the distance] I don’t know, secret weapon of Vervell?


Me: Okay time to spill the beans, do you have any secrets?

Sarah: Well Jason was my biggest secret before I ended up in his world; now I suppose my biggest secret is that I’m not from his world. Most of the time I end up playing the pale faced Areni. [She grins]


Me: Who is your best friend and who is your worst enemy?

Sarah: Well duh, it’s Jay for the first half. As to the second half, I’m going to go with General Wholawski, that guy really lives up to his name; Jack a—h---.


Me, nodding:  I agree with you on that one. Next up we have, what would you take out of a burning house?

Sarah looking very thoughtful: Any other living thing that was in the house with me I think. Material possessions can be replaced, but people and pets can’t; not in a million years [she looks sad and there’s a tear in the corner of her eye.]


Me after squeezing her shoulder in sympathy: Can you name three weaknesses and three strengths?

Sarah: Hmm, let’s see for weaknesses I’d go with, playing male, cooking in a fire place (I don’t care what everyone says about my cooking) and sewing. I cannot sew to save my life! [she grins as do I] As for strengths I’d have to go with my martial art training, that’s served me really well, my independence, and my flavoring of food. [she chuckles] I know that counteracts my weakness, but hey [she shrugs and grins] that’s why they say it tastes good.


Me: Okay one I’m dreading to ask, but if you could change one thing in your past, what would it be?

Sarah: Hands down it would be taking up that relationship with George.

Me: Not the forcing?

Sarah: I know, surprising, but the forcing made me stronger and gave me the anger and drive needed to do what had to be done in Jason’s world. I just feel super horrible about leading George on to the point of engagement and then dumping him for a guy I had no idea was real until I landed in his world.


Me: Okay then, so what’s is your first thought in the morning?

Sarah: Is this really happening to me? I still think you’re going to have me wake up from a coma at some point in my old world.


Me: I wouldn’t do that and if I did you know you’d still get Jay [we both grin] so question 13, what are you terrified of?

Sarah: Hm, that’s actually tough. Wholawski terrified me, that’s for sure. Other than that, well yes I’m terrified when surrounded by big beefy guys. But there’s nothing odd, or typical, like spiders that give me shivers.


Me, grinning: You’ll love this one. What is the first thing on your Christmas list?

Sarah, laughing: Jay. Seriously though [he smile fades] There’s no Christmas in Vervell, but if the Gods wanted let me say goodbye to my family and friends, I’d take that in a heartbeat and never ask for anything else.


Me: Here’s one I don’t know; What is the worst present anyone's ever given you?

Sarah looking very thoughtful as she thinks hard: Probably the Cinderella dress my aunt made me for Halloween one year. I wanted to be Wonder Woman.


Me: I think I suspect I know this one, but who would you want to talk to one last time and what would you say?

Sarah immediately: My dad and I’d tell him how much I loved him and also about Jason, though I hear the Gods managed to arrange for jay to meet my family. I’m glad about that.


Me: Okay four more to go, so would you consider yourself an angel or a devil?

Sarah: God, I think I’m something in between. Defiantly more angel than devil, but I can’t help being devilish sometimes in my teasing of loved one.


Me: So if you met a genie, what would your three wishes be?

Sarah: What’s with making me do all this thinking? [she laughs and then gets thoughtful] Well first I’d wish for a dowry that would satisfy Jay’s father so he wouldn’t be disowned. Second I’d wish for him to be allowed to retire from the scouts, or maybe have me join his troop. I don’t want him to leave for months at a time, even if we can think to each other long distance. And thirdly would world peace be too much to ask for? [she grins]


Me: You might have to give up the first two wishes to get world peace [I grin and Sarah laughs] So, what makes you angry?

Sarah: Abuse of people. Especially the forcing of women, or the hurting of children. Those get right up my...


Me grinning: And lastly, would you like a hug?

Sarah: You know I’ll always take hugs from you! [she hugs me and then grinning we depart, or rather she goes back into the world I’ve created ready and waiting for me to continue my editing.]

The End

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