brandee Taylor- continued

"fine. i'll stick around for a few more questions."

41. What is your general attitude to life?

"It's pointless without the people you love."

42. What do you consider to be your greatest acheivment?

"getting out of the Sliding by attacking the hag's house and stealing the antidote."

43. what do you consider to be your greatest shortcoming?

"The inablity to see the value in things until it's too late."

44. What is your definition of strength?

"the ability to push through, to overcome your weaknesses, and conquer your enemy."

45. What is your definition of weakness?

"The exact opposite of what i jsut said."

46. describe your family

"my biological family? My mom's gotten alot more delicate around me, and my sister's the only one who i actually open up to. and don't get me started on the others; Dutch, the Nazi soldier from Dimension 6 who can turn himself invisible, the flame-throwing muslim Nyde, along with Chase, Skipper, Ky, and... Jessie."

47. do you have a lot of friends?

"No. i just moved here, you idiot. i haven't had a chance yet to make any and doubt i will."

48. Do you have any tells? (little signs that shows you are nervous/anxious/scared?

"when i lie, i tend to run my hand through my hair. when i'm about to laugh, my chin quivers, which makes other people laugh harder."

49. Give a brief description of your average day.

"get up. eat whatever mom makes- she cooks alot more often since i disappeared for a few weeks- go to school, be bored out of my mind at school- sometimes i'll break routine, hack the school system or play a game of chess- go home, and basically waste my time. i started learning guitar just to kill the time."

50. In a crowd, are you more likely to be in the center of it or to the side? Why?

"the center, whether i like it or not. every new kid is."

51. how do you relieve stress?

" well, i either go for a run, hack some kid's site, or watch some kung fu video and try it out- muscle mimicry from Chase does have its moments.'

52. Are you more of a fighter or a pacifist?

"A fighter by force. I didn't choose to download the Encryption."

53. Do you easily forgive people?

"that depends on what they did. if they stole my cookie, i'd probably let it slide. but if they're gonna send me spinning out of my world and into someone else's dimension, i won't hesitate putting a bullet through their head."

54. Do you make firends easily?


55. Do you have any habits that are very much a part of your personality?

"If i see a computer, i go for it. does that count? i also have a habit of fantasizing magdalene's death, so  i may come off as a little morbid."

56. Are you a very organised person?

"when planning a raid/ theft, i can get things immaculatly down to the last detail. unfortunately, my room isn't as carefully clean/ non-messy."

57. When faced with a difficult situation, how are you likely to respond to it?

"Yelling in frustration, punching someone. sometimes i'll shoot them, but only if they're the enemy."

58. Do you get on well with people in general or do you tend to kee to yourself?

"if i can, i stay away from people. the ones you get too attached to are the ones that die. but sometimes i'll get bored and talk to someone."

59. Do you think first and act later or do you act first and think later?

"again, depends. if it's raiding Magdalene's house, i'll think first. but sometimes, its funner to think later and act now. more excuses are available as to why you did something then.'

60. Have you enjoyed this interveiw so far?

" Hey, it's filling up time. I really don't care. it's not like i can't kill you if you tell anyone."

The End

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