Shadow Roth of A Shadow's Tale

41 - What is your general attitude to life?

I live it.  To be honest, I've never really thought about it.  Before the prophecy, I thought my life was going to be rather short and unfortunately eventful.  Now, with all that out of the way, I don't have time to think about it.

42 - What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement?  Pfft...  Probably managing to hang on to the throne of Aspheri for as long as I did.  And outsmarting Teran Dementius.  Have fun getting my sister off the throne!  She doesn't have as many qualms as I do about killing you!

43 - What do you consider to be your greatest shortcoming?

Not hanging onto my family with everything I had.  I wish I'd kept them a little closer.

44 - What is your definition of strength?

Strength is how well you can reason, how long you can stave off a bloodbath.  It's what allows you to believe in yourself and hold your head high.

45 - What is your definition of weakness?

Weakness is not being able to believe in yourself, not being able to go after your dreams. 

46 - Describe your family.

Ouch.  My family's a really weird mix of hybrids, OCDs, pranksters and just plain weird people.  I mean, we're all half demons, but there's vampire, shape-shifter, human and angel blood mixed in there.  And that's just blood status!  One of the vampires is OCD, my sister's obsessed with weaponry, Onyx's favourite book is the dictionary... I could go on for days.  But they're my family.  I couldn't live without them.

47 - Do you have a lot of friends? 

Not a lot, no.  I wasn't allowed to make friends for the majority of my childhood, and two of the few I managed to make died because of me.  Since then, I've mainly relied on my family, although I have made a few more friends.

48 - Do you have any tells?  (Little signs that show you are nervous/anxious/scared)

I tend to rub the scar next to my eye when I'm anxious or stressed, and I'll occasionally chew my hair, although Aleth gets really annoyed at me if I do that.

49 - Give a brief description of your average day.

I get up, bolt down some breakfast if I'm lucky, sparring practice with the trainers followed by meetings with various ambassadors and dignitaries, usually skip lunch, more meetings, quick talk with the council, dinner and by then I'm usually so tired that I just fall into bed.

50 - In a crowd, are you more likely to be in the centre of it or to the side?  Why?

I prefer being to the side of a crowd, but I, unfortunately, find myself in the centre more often than not.

51 - How do you relieve stress?

I usually take it out on the combat trainers every morning, or I bury it when I read.

52 - Are you more of a fighter or a pacifist?

I try to think of myself as a pacifist, but being the ruler of a warrior dimension kinda blows that one out of the water.

53 - Do you easily forgive people?

I often act as if I've forgiven someone, but more often than not I haven't.  I just keep it inside.  However, I do easily forgive my friends.

54 - Do you make friends easily?

I don't know.  Never really had the chance to find out.  I make enemies really easily though.

55 - Do you have any habits that are very much a part of your personality?

Not that I know of.

56 - Are you a very organised person?

I wish.  I rely heavily on my lady's maid for that.

57 - When faced with a difficult situation, how are you likely to respond to it?

Think it through calmly, or panic and then think it through.

58 - Do you get on well with people in general or do you tend to keep to yourself?

I have to get on well with people, as a part of being a ruler.  If I wasn't a princess, then I probably wouldn't get on with people I don't know.

59 - Do you think first and act later or do you act first and think later?

Think first.  There may be other ways around an obstacle than the obvious one.

60 - Have you enjoyed the interview so far?

It has distracted me from my duties, thank the goddess.  Whether I like it or not is irrelevant.

The End

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