Silence Dawns :Unknown Past

41 - What is your general attitude to life?

He gives a short but direct answer, "Life is what we make it."

42 - What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

"My greatest achievement would be surviving for as long as I have."

43 - What do you consider to be your greatest shortcoming?

"I was once told that my lack of emotion was my shortcoming, I don't really care though."

44 - What is your definition of strength?

"The ability to survive in a world so corrupted."

45 - What is your definition of weakness?

He sighs sadly, "To fall prey to the evils of this world, like many have before you."

46 - Describe your family.

"I have no known family, I am here on this planet in some form in which I do not understand." He seems slightly troubled by this bit of truth.

47 - Do you have a lot of friends? 

"My only friends died..." You see he doesn't like this subject so you move on.

48 - Do you have any tells?  (Little signs that show you are nervous/anxious/scared)

"Not that I am aware of."

49 - Give a brief description of your average day.

"I wake up, find food, then wander around until something interesting happens. Nothing to intense."

50 - In a crowd, are you more likely to be in the centre of it or to the side?  Why?

"I'd desire to stay off to the side, but there have been many times when blending in was the key to survival."

51 - How do you relieve stress?

"I don't." His eyes harden.

52 - Are you more of a fighter or a pacifist?

"A fighter..." he lowers his eyes towards the ground, "But between you and me..I'm a pacifist at heart."

53 - Do you easily forgive people?

"To earn my forgiveness is equivalent to you attempting to go to outerspace. It is no easy task"

54 - Do you make friends easily?

"I'm to big and scary for them." He actually dropped a sign that he does have a small sense a humor.

55 - Do you have any habits that are very much a part of your personality?

"To always examine the people in which I converse with." He chuckles ever so lightly, "It does creep them out sometimes."

56 - Are you a very organised person?

"I guess so."

57 - When faced with a difficult situation, how are you likely to respond to it?

"Either use my sword and bash my way out of there. Ooorrrr....I would just hide and watch."

58 - Do you get on well with people in general or do you tend to keep to yourself?

"I am a more...self like person."

59 - Do you think first and act later or do you act first and think later?

"On most occasions I think then act, but the times I acted then thought...they never ended well."

60 - Have you enjoyed the interview so far?

"I have found your poking at my personal life amusing. I do hope, for your sake, that this information stays between us."

The End

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