Amarath Roth of A Shadow's Tale

41 - What is your general attitude to life?

Live fast and die hard!  Better to die on your feet with a sword in your hand than helpless on a bed. 

42 - What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

So far, I don't think I have a greatest achievement.  Probably coming up with that potion that allows me to use magic despite having a bit of silver lodged under my kneecap.

43 - What do you consider to be your greatest shortcoming?

Not getting to my sister in time.

44 - What is your definition of strength?

Strength is defined by your sword arm, by your courage and by your ability to fight.

45 - What is your definition of weakness?

Cowardice, inability to conquer your emotions and being too blind to see the outcome of a battle.

46 - Describe your family.

My family?  We're a rag-tag bunch of half demons with one hell of a complicated family tree.  There's a pair of half-vampires, six kids still learning to use their magic properly, Shaeman who hides himself in his forge or out with the pegusi and then there's me.  And that's not mentioning the five pegusi that hang out in our back garden.  Yeah.  My family's a joke, really.

47 - Do you have a lot of friends? 

No.  I don't get out much and, in any case, what would I do with friends? 

48 - Do you have any tells?  (Little signs that show you are nervous/anxious/scared)

I tend to start tapping my foot when I'm angry.

49 - Give a brief description of your average day.

I get up, make sure my head's still attached to my shoulders, make sure Archangel hasn't pranked the room again, check on my arsenal, get breakfast, train a bit, lunch, train some more, read up on anything new Vrael's found in the library, dinner then back to bed.  Not much of an interesting day, is it?

50 - In a crowd, are you more likely to be in the centre of it or to the side?  Why?

To the side.  I don't like people standing behind me.  Old habit I never lost from my training as a kid. Never turn your back on someone you don't trust, they might stick a knife in it.

51 - How do you relieve stress?

I go and give a practice dummy a good whacking normally.

52 - Are you more of a fighter or a pacifist?

Fighter, definitely.  Being's a pacifist's for cowards.

53 - Do you easily forgive people?

Depends on what they've done.

54 - Do you make friends easily?

No.  Never really learned how.  My family say's I'm about as sociable as a grouchy tiger.

55 - Do you have any habits that are very much a part of your personality?

I turn my back away from people I don't know, I don't like people touching me and I always carry weapons.

56 - Are you a very organised person?

My room looks like a bomb hit it after a tornado decided to take a detour through it, but my armoury is as organised as an OCD's CD collection.

57 - When faced with a difficult situation, how are you likely to respond to it?

If I can't kill it... well I'll generally still try to kill it.

58 - Do you get on well with people in general or do you tend to keep to yourself?

I keep to myself in general.  Don't like mingling with people.  My sister's wedding was a nightmare for me, but I couldn't really say no to her.

59 - Do you think first and act later or do you act first and think later?

Act first.  Always.  If you stop to think, you might end up dead.

60 - Have you enjoyed the interview so far?

Hell no!

The End

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