Character Interview Part 3

A little game to help develop a character's personality. I find it helps, especially if you're writing a story from a first person point of view. It can also be quite fun! This is part 3, another 20 questions to help develop the character.

The aim of the game is to pretend you're sitting in front of your character and asking him or her a series of questions.  Answer the questions using any character/dialogue traits your character has.  For example, if your character sounds like he has a major stick up his backside, write according to this attitude, and so on.

Part one can be found here:

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41 - What is your general attitude to life?

42 - What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

43 - What do you consider to be your greatest shortcoming?

44 - What is your definition of strength?

45 - What is your definition of weakness?

46 - Describe your family.

47 - Do you have a lot of friends? 

48 - Do you have any tells?  (Little signs that show you are nervous/anxious/scared)

49 - Give a brief description of your average day.

50 - In a crowd, are you more likely to be in the centre of it or to the side?  Why?

51 - How do you relieve stress?

52 - Are you more of a fighter or a pacifist?

53 - Do you easily forgive people?

54 - Do you make friends easily?

55 - Do you have any habits that are very much a part of your personality?

56 - Are you a very organised person?

57 - When faced with a difficult situation, how are you likely to respond to it?

58 - Do you get on well with people in general or do you tend to keep to yourself?

59 - Do you think first and act later or do you act first and think later?

60 - Have you enjoyed the interview so far?

The End

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