Oskar- Daughter of Death

21 - Who were your parents?

My mother was very caring, but where I live you leave home young. I miss her...

22 - Describe your sense of humour.

Apparently I'm very serious, I'm not funny at all, but when I do laugh I can't stop, apparently.

23 - What can't you live without?

Can I say who? Is that allowed? In that case, Jaggy Led. 

24 - What 3 items would you take on a desert island?

Scythe, as always, um... two other weapons. It's insane, I've got to the point where I don't feel safe around them...

25 - Name 3 hobbies

I don't have time for much, but being with people I care is when I'm happiest.

26 - If you could be anyone, who would you be?

I want to be me, why change that, I...

27 - If you could travel to anywhere, where would you go?

Well...um...I kind of already have that ability.

28 - If you could be any mythical creature, what would it be?

Something magic, really, actually magic...

29 - If you could kill someone, who would it be?

Um... noone! I can only kill if I had to...

30 - What, in your opinion, is the worst way to die?

Um...Young and alone...?

31 - What worries would keep you awake at night?

It changes all the time...every time...

32 - What is your favourite song?

I don't know...music's everywhere, isn't it?

33 - What is your favourite/preferred weapon?

Scythe, always

34 - What is your favourite food?

I like most meat, I couldn't be vegetarian, no.

35 - What is your preferred mode of transport?

I don't know...I don't think I have one.

36 - What is your least favourite smell?

...I don't know, maybe burning. I'm sick of the burning smell now.

37 - What is your worst memory?

I think I lost the really bad memories.

38 - Do you have any defining features?

Not in appearance, though people say I always look sick and unhealthy.

39 - Describe yourself in 5 words

Soulcatcher of fire, strong....weak...

40 - How would someone else describe you in 5 words?

Ask them...I don't know....

The End

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