brandee Taylor- the weird new kid cont'd

21. who were your parents?

"my mom's still alive, so don't use the past tense on me. her name is Emma Taylor. and my dad's not dead, just... missing... for ten years now..."

22. describe your sense of humor

"lost that about a month ago if we're going by your frame of reference in accordance to time. when jessie died."

23. what can't you live without?

"Jessie's family crest that he gave me on Dimension 2- a version of it, i mean"

24. what three items would you take on a desert island?

" Jessie's necklace, a pen, and paper so that i can say bye to my mom before i drown myself in the ocean."

25. name three hobbies

"i play play internet chess, learn new card tricks, and play with fire" *devilish grin lights up at mention of the latter

26. if you could be anyone, who would you be?

"someone close enough to that Magdalene to murder her slowly in her sleep"

27. if you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

"i'd either go to the actual Dream Dimension to kill the real gypsy Magdalene, or to Jessie' home dimension- the real Dimension 2- to tell his family that he's dead. it sucks not knowing if a family member is dead or just AWOL"

28. if you could be any mythical creature, what would it be?

"a vampire to suck Magdalene's blood"

29. if you could kill someone, who would it be?

"really? you haven't asked this question yet? are you sure? it would be Magdalene, that stupid Dream Dimension gypsy."

30. what, in your opinion, is the worst way to die?

"having not avenged myself on Magdalene and dying alone."

31. what worries keep you awake at night?

"if i'll still be in the same bed in the same dimension when i wake up."

32. what is your favorite song?

"that's hard. i think it's a tie between "find a way" by The Used, or "Hero" by Skillet. basically anything with electric guitar that seems to fit in with my mess of a past."

33. what is your favorite/preferred weapon?

"double pistols. man's best friend, no matter where you slide"

34. what is your favorite food?

"Cresta-circumsda. it's a specialty from Dimension 2 that is out of this world! it takes nothing like the fats and sugas we have here."

35. what is you rpreferred mode of trnasport?

"definetely not sliding."

36. what is you rleast favorite smell?

"old books. it reminds me too much of jessie dying."

37. what is your worst memory?

"jessie's living body crumbling to dust as he stood before me on vD2x. i will never forget it, and i swear that Magdalene will be reminded of it before she dies."

38. do you have any defining features?

"you mean besides my long black hair, tribal tat on my left arm above the Derke creste tatoo, and my absolute preference for cargo pants, baby T's, and Jessie's dogtag? no."

39. describe yourself in 5 words

"killer victim planning Magdalene's funeral"

40. how would someone else describe you in 5 words?

"depends on who it is, i guess. magdalene would describe me as 'obsessive, crazy, insignificant, her death' while Chase would describe me as 'cute, smart, quick, accurate shot'. take either or."


"note of interest: you tell anyone any of this and i will make sure that they never find your mangled corpse."

*stands up and walks away.

The End

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