Silence Dawns: Unknown Past

21 - Who were your parents?

He shrugs and answers with little care, "I never knew my parents, nor do I know the story of them..."

22 - Describe your sense of humour.

"Me? Humor...hah! Humor to me would be watching my enemy wither around on the ground in pain." Darkly smiles.

23 - What can't you live without?

Pats the sword at his waist, "This."

24 - What 3 items would you take on a desert island?

"Well...I guess I would take my items that I have on me, a map, and perhaps a bottle of rum...for in case I get bored."

25 - Name 3 hobbies

He shrugs, "Well...I guess you could say that I like adventures, finding new ways to take out an enemy, and I actually enjoy reading."

26 - If you could be anyone, who would you be?

"I would" He seems at a loss of ideas.

27 - If you could travel to anywhere, where would you go?

"I would travel to the Forests of Kain, where I discovered my 'family'." You are confused by this reference but you continue on.

28 - If you could be any mythical creature, what would it be?

Chuckles, "I'd be a dragon, the power it would posses would strike fear into any mans heart."

29 - If you could kill someone, who would it be?

"I would kill my nemesis..." He seems to be brainstorming ideas for taking him out.

30 - What, in your opinion, is the worst way to die?

Shudders slightly, "To die by your enemies, without fighting to your very last drop of blood."

31 - What worries would keep you awake at night?

"The fact I have no clue how I truly came to be in this world." His eyes show he does worry over this fact.

32 - What is your favourite song?

"Classical music. No specific song, just classical music."

33 - What is your favourite/preferred weapon?

Pats his sword again, "My longsword in which the creator infused it with black magic, making it the perfect destructive weapon. Wanna taste?" You shake your head no frantically while he laughs at you.

34 - What is your favourite food?

"Nothing beats mashed potatoes!" His dark eyes light up with excitement,

35 - What is your preferred mode of transport?

"We were given legs for a reason."

36 - What is your least favourite smell?

"The smell of the dead, I may enjoy killing my enemies, but not smelling them."

37 - What is your worst memory?

"When I couldn't save my 'father'." Again, you are confused, but question it not.

38 - Do you have any defining features?

"Well, my dark hair and rather slim body that is very toned does define me very well."

39 - Describe yourself in 5 words

"Words can not describe me."

40 - How would someone else describe you in 5 words?

"Dark, destructive, unknown, silent, yet...kind."

The End

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