Character Interview #3

This exercise seem kind of popular so I decided I would make one too. Dont know how many people will do them but if not thats okay too.I hope that these questions would be helpful in fleshing out a character or /and just fun to do.
some are simple and some will hopefully make you think
Have Fun

Please list name of the story and a link if there is one. If there is not thats okay too

1) what is your name and how old are you

2) where are you from

3) How many siblings do you have and how well do you get along with them

4) Who was an older adult that most influenced  your life growing up

5) What is a guilty pleasure  that you have

6) Do you worship any God(s) or Goddesses and if so who.  What religion are you if any

7)  How much does your religion or beliefs influence your actions

8)  Describe your moral code  in 10 words or less

9) Somebody left their kids for you to watch. What would you do with them ( the kids)

10)  what is the last book or scroll that you have read

11) what is your favorite holiday

12)  Suppose you got  a letter from a secret admirer . What would be your first reaction

13)  You wake up and you are a kid again. What would be the first thing you would do

14) What is a hidden talent that you have

15) Do you have any pets and if so what?

16) You hear someone close has betrayed you , but its mayor may  not be true. What would you do

17)  you are alone. what would you do that might be embarrassing for you if there were other people/ creatures around

18) what is your favorite place to eat. What would you eat there

19) what is your favorite thing to wear

20)  can  I have an autograph and  a picture taken with you

The End

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