Character Developments~Al

Name: Allister Evans.

Role (major/minor, pro/antagonist, static/dynamic, etc.):  Minor character.

Physical Appearance: Al is a thin man with sallow, wrinkled skin. His hair has retained its blonde colour, but his hairline has receded greatly. He has big hands, covered in callouses. His eyes and blue and often bloodshot from lack of sleep.

Dialogue: He speaks with a very strong Irish accent, has a slight lisp, and pays minimal attention to grammar. His voice however has a soft tone when he speaks sincerely.

Background (upbringing / adulthood): Al was brought up from a poor family, and made his own way in the world up until he met Helene Short. Helene was heir to a fine house and was had a degree in Law, so Al grew reliant on her for income, even more so after the pair brought 6-year-old Rossie home. He was heartbroken at Helene's untimely death, and very quickly lost control of his and Rossie's lives.

Personality attributes: Al possesses the ability to love with all his heart. He is also wise to the harsh ways of the world. He worries about Rossie, and is always very grateful that he has her.

Perception of self: There are times when Al's self-worth is close to nothing, but he sees Rossie as his one great achievement in life. In his mind, if he raises Rossie to be able to take care of herself, it will make his life worthwhile.

Conflicts : He is constantly worried about Rossie, as she is all he has that means anything. He also knows that some people he has crossed in the past may suss him out and threaten his small family.

Habits and Mannerisms: Al tends to swear a lot, but manages to hold his tongue in front of Rossie. Although he has a rough-looking exterior, he tends to be able to make people open up to him.

Strengths / Weaknesses:

The End

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