Character Developments~Rossie

Name: Rosaline Evans (Surname taken from foster father, Allister Evans)

Role (major/minor, pro/antagonist, static/dynamic, etc.): Major Protagonist

Physical Appearance: Rossie is tall with broad shoulders and hips. She has dark skin and almost black hair, which falls to her shoulders. Her eyes are deep brown.

Dialogue: Rossie puts up a defensive front in the way she talks around strangers. She uses a soft tone when talking to close ones. She isn't in tune with slang. She also has managed not to pick up much of her foster father's bad grammar as it was knocked out of her when she attended school up to the age of 10.

Background (upbringing / adulthood): Rossie's parents are unknown. She was brought up in an orphanage until she was six. She lived with Allister and his long-time fiance, Helene, until she was killed in a skiing accident when Rossie was eight. Allister was unable to keep himself and Rossie supported, and the family was forced to the streets when Rossie was 9. They have been living in the old courthouse for six months when Rossie meets Jack.

Personality attributes: Rossie is strong and independant, but also compassionate and emotionally vulnerable. She is either completely cold to a person or cares deeply for them; she dislikes doing things by halves, even if it is just deciding how feels about someone. She refuses to have mixed emotions.

Perception of self: She is proud of her strong exterior, but resents herself for feeling emotional pain. She often looks at Al and wonders if he would still be living happily with Helene if she had never come into their lives.

Conflicts : When she first meets Jack, Rossie is struck by the constant worry that her and Al's hiding place has been discovered. She is also concerned about her foster father's unusual mood swings.

Habits and Mannerisms: Rossie is of course wary, but not scared; she knows she is capable of handling anything as long as she is prepared. If she is the slightest but annoyed or suspicious, she turns vicious; again, not wanting to succumb to emotion by half.

Strengths / Weaknesses: Physical ability is Rossie's most obvious strength, but she also has a strong spirit and determination. Her weaknesses include her insecurity and her inability to properly deal with emotions.

The End

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