Character Developments~Jack

Name: Jack Parker

Role (major/minor, pro/antagonist, static/dynamic, etc.): Major Protagonist

Physical Appearance: Jack is short for his age. He's got curly dirty-blonde hair with a cowslick to the front left. He has freckles on his pale face. His eyes are big and brownish green.

Dialogue: Jack speaks quite plainly, and doesn't use a lot of slang. He is careful in what he says to others.

Background (upbringing / adulthood): His early childhood was fine, when his parents (both doctors) made more time for him. However as he progressed into adolescence they've begun to let him fend for himself, often leaving him feeling neglected and unwanted.

Personality attributes: Mainly Jack is shy and quiet, generous and thoughtful. He always means to do the right thing. He isn't usually afraid of much, but has a bad nerves problem.

Perception of self: Jack isn't very sure of himself, as he sees that the girl he really likes is more interested in people he sees as "cooler" than himself. He tries to do what he thinks is the right thing, but inside he wonders if its enough.

Conflicts : Nothing seems to be going right for Jack until he meets Rossie; the girl he likes isn't interested in him, he's harrassed at school, and his home life is cold, to say the least. The one that tops them all though is when he thinks Rossie could be in danger.

Habits and Mannerisms: Jack scrunches his nose up when he's confused or deep in thought. He nods a lot when people talk to him for a long time. He often uses music as an escape, when he needs to block out the world.

Strengths / Weaknesses: Jack's biggest weakness is his fainting. His strengths are his quick-thinking and persistance

The End

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