character development- MASH

if you need a new character and have major writer's block; try this! you're garunteed a fresh person everytime!

if you've ever been the kind of kid that tries to hook up other kids with friends by games of chance, you've probably used MASH

simply put, MASH-in its original form- is a matchmaking game. 

now. grab a piece of paper( gasp- paper? you can't use your computer? what sort of ludicrous anti-technologically advancing game is this?) and a pen

draw a 2D box in the middle.

 along the left side, write "male, female, transgender, gay" in descending order. 

along the top, list four occupations (IE: astronaut, doctor, plumber, homeless street bum).

along the right, list time period( ie: post WWIII, 2000BC, present day, alternate reality)

along the bottom, list age-groups ( kid, teen, adult, old lady, immortal)

optional- if you shoud so choose- the box itself is empty for any additional information, and none of the caegories are set in stone. it you really want, turn the box into a dodecagon(12- sided figure= 13 categories!)

to work with this set-up now before you, pick a numebr between one and twenty. using that number, go around the list, crossing off the item under your pen when you reach your previously selected number, and then begin again at one. once there is only one item left in a category, it is immune to being crossed off. continue until there is only one item left per category: this is you rnew character!

post your results! there's bound to be a couple good ones!

The End

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