In-Depth Character Bio #1: Harlan

Age: 18
Citizen of: Old World


  • strawberry milk
  • New World comics
  • his family (especially his sister)
  • his work boss' daughter/assistant manager, Himawari
  • his New World Vespa and driving to the outskirts of town in it
  • drawing
  • sleeping
  • drinking (a lot)


  • (unnecessarily) working hard (such as summer school/studying)
  • bitter things
  • green vegetables
  • fist fights (even though he usually wins)
  • sad stories
  • rain (reminds him of tears)
  • small, tight places (Claustrophobic)


  • being rejected by Himawari
  • solitude
  • independence
  • death
  • inheriting his mother's illnesses
  • his mother (and losing her)

Why he trusts...:

  • Kairi ~ knows that she will take care of him when he is unable to take care of himself
  • Himawari ~ gave him everything that he relies on today: a job to help support his family, an emotional output (drawing), courage to learn to grow up
  • Riley ~ knows that he is the only one who can take care of him and his family (especially his mother)
  • Sakura/Tanya ~ his mother; even though she's ill, she does her best to take care of her kids

Why he doesn't trust...:

  • Himself ~ thinks that he's incompetent in taking care of his family when his mother is unable to; thinks that the majority of the support is coming from his aunt, uncle and Riley

Believes in/that:

  • hard work gets things done
  • he needs to help his family out

Doesn't believe in/that:

  • God, or whatever deity that supposedly controls all life
  • an afterlife
  • a reason to live, other than his love for his family and Himawari
  • he is good enough to take care of his family
The End

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