Character Development Brainstorming - "While You Were Gone"

Character charts to help develop a voice for my characters.
Story: "While You Were Gone: A Story of a Young Mother, her Son, and her Overly-Protective Caretaker."

Goal: To claim her independence from her sister and caretaker; to be there for her children
Personality in a nutshell: immature, emotional, sensitive

Goal: To be free from responsibility; to take care of his mother; to protect his mother
Personality in a nutshell: hesitant, doesn't really know what he wants, simplistic, lazy academic-wise

Goal: To take care of Sakura; to get his work done (taking care of Sakura, and eventually the dysfunctional family)
Personality in a nutshell: business-is-business, emotionally detached from the Watanabes at the beginning, reluctant to associate with the new family, stubborn 

The End

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