Character Development

I'm in deep need of developing characters and strengthening their bonds with other characters and the audience etc so I wanted to try this out. Join in with your own characters.

Mousy brown hair fell down over my eyes but never distracted me from my pen and paper. I etched more fantastical words onto my florally patterned parchment and my senses turned dull as I sank into the mysterious world I created and altered with every word I added to the tale. From behind I must look like a maniac, hunched over a small table and sat on an oversized and uncomfortable wooden chair scribbling neologisms and squeezing rainbows of poetic imagination into my work.

After 30 minutes solid, my cheeks began to ache along with my wrists and legs. I had been pushing my whole body into the closest object they had; my legs entwined on the table legs causing pins and needles, my toes scrunched up itching for blood to flow into them and my lower jaw clamped hard onto the rest of my teeth. All at once I relax providing instant salvation and ridding my muscles of the tension I was subconciously providing.

My tanned arms flop down to the sides of my body and I sit still looking out of my bedroom window. Picturing the days when my previous family hadn't been able to afford such a fine home as he one I now live in. Then I begin to picture my real family. My fierce brother forever taunting me and my neglecting parents dumping me in some park far away from any familiar place.

I'm reliving my nightmares but trying to escape but can't. I hear a distant screaming and everything collapses from underneath me and I'm falling down and down until I hit something soft, warm and purring. The purring has stopped and I must be hallucinating because my body is ripped apart by tiny catlike beasts. More screaming somewhere closer and then nothing. Absolute silence  and nothing while the general anaesthetic flies around in my bloodstream.

Great. What is it, like, the fifteenth time this month that I've been injected after collapsing into my past?

The End

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