Ashlin Carrey

Ashlin (Ash) Carrey

Ashlin is twenty-six years old, born on the 7th of July.

Ashlin is a physically strong woman. Despite this, she is fairly skinny and is just over 5ft. Her skin is soft but unnaturally pale, white even. She has a pair of aqua blue eyes. Her black hair is cut into a pixie crop hairstyle, with a few red streaks through her fairly shaggy fringe. As far as make-up is conserned, it's crimson red lips, a little eyeliner and a sweeping of black eyeshadow, which can make her look quite dark. Her fashion sense is simple and straight to the point. She wears loose hoodies, t-shirts and never ties her boot laces.

Ashlin is quite a powerful person. She won't give in to things she believes are wrong, and tries as hard as she can to give help to anyone who needs it. As kind as she seems, she can also be misleading. She can make stupid discissions, she hurts people without meaning to. She is also tormented by guilt and love.

 When Ashlin was nineteen, she was involved in a kidnapping along with five others. Only two of which escaped after the other three were shot.

In terms of romance she has only ever fallen for one man. She met John (Johnny)when she was kidnapped.

The End

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